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Google Sitemaps and Site Migration

Recently I’ve been laying the groundwork for some future SEO projects doing some site migrations onto content management systems, showing search spiders friendlier content, and cleaning up some URL structures. I’ve been using Google Sitemaps to help keep track of how the projects are progressing.

Flickr and Travel Agents

I’ve got a friend who happens to be a travel agent. She’s looking for ways to grow her business. I suggested she start a blog and a photo journal. She travels fairly frequently and takes lots of pictures, so I suggested every time she travels she write up a little review and post some photos to flickr. She could then … [Continue reading Flickr and Travel Agents]

Mosquito Ringtones and why New York Times Cloaking Sucks for Usability

Go ahead search for [mosquito ringtone] which do you think is better CLOAKED New York Times Article or a the actual Washington Post article on mosquito ringtones? The only good part is once everyone is cloaking spammer, no one is …

Crossword Puzzles and Domain Hacking

I’d like to think I’m pretty good at thinking outside of the box, but I’m a horrible speller so when I find a dictionary made to help you solve crossword puzzles, a big light bulb over my head turns on and I think about domain hacking.

Liechtenstein Meets Long Island on the WWW

One of the things that always makes me think outside of the box is when “the real world” and “my outside life” intersects in serendipitous ways.

Alt Tags Back in Black?

I remember the good ole’ days when you could stuff alt tags with whole sentences and it worked like a charm, then it got killed. However recently I’m seeing more and more alt tag stuffing working.

Superficial Crawling SEO Strategies

On WebmasterWorld people are discussing big daddy strategies, and on SEORountable they are highlighting how this is becoming a problem for directories. No discussion about Google’s new crawling method would be complete without also looking at Matt Cutts on the indexing timeline. While to some extent things are still in flux, I think we’ve hit a turning point for SEO, … [Continue reading Superficial Crawling SEO Strategies]

No Follow The Leper of Blogging

Jim was ahead of his time killing nofollow, Nick gives nofollow a smackdown, and Greg steps up to the plate and knocks one out with his yesfollow post. Having them in place does nothing to discourage spammers, and they only seem to punish the people who actually do participate in the conversation. If I have a user that reads my … [Continue reading No Follow The Leper of Blogging]

Reputation Management – Case Study, Part I

Since my experiment in reputation management is actually getting much more interesting than I planned I thought I should go back and do a proper writeup.