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Hare Brained Link Building Ideas for Link Monkeys

I’m a big fan of outside of the box thinking especially where link building is concerned. If you’re looking for some link building ideas be sure to check out Brainstorm On How To Get One Way I.B. Links on WMW in the supporters section. In particular pay attention to what Martinibuster has to say, that is a close to a … [Continue reading Hare Brained Link Building Ideas for Link Monkeys]

How to Create Duplicate Content on Someone Else’s WordPress Blog

Recently on this blog I went through the process of moving from a dynamic URL structure to static looking URL structure (ie to Along the way I learned a little bit more about how wordpress works and discovered a way to use this to create duplicate content on someone else’s wordpress blog.

Understanding Adsense Patent Review

Eric Giguère of Make Easy Money With Google Adsense published an Adsense Patent Review and sent me a copy to review. Now I’m not a big fan of overly technical documents or patents but they are something we have to deal with in this industry, so you’ve either got to learn to read them and slog through or wait for … [Continue reading Understanding Adsense Patent Review]


Can you outrank Shoemoney? The Official Outrank Shoemoney Contest: click here Sign-up for all ShoeMoney contests: click here ShoeMoney on Digitial Point: click here Shoemoney on Typekey: click here Shoemoney on MSN Spaces: click here Shoemoney on Pimp my Blog: click here Shoemoney Media Group: click here Shoemoney doing Google Video: click here Shoemoney on Digg: click here Shoemoney on … [Continue reading Shoemoney]

Using Web Videos to Build Traffic

So perhaps you think web videos are the equivalent of America’s Funniest videos, good for a few laughs now and then but not capable of driving any commercially viable traffic. Well friend then I’ve got some examples and ideas for you, so read on …

How to drive traffic with Flickr Photos

While Flickr is really a photo sharing, community building tool, as long as you don’t go completely overboard you probably aren’t going have angry mobs flagging you as spam. Now you could always go the with the babe in a t-shirt approach, but we’re looking for something more sophisticated.

How to Annotate Google Maps

There are a few ways and tools that alow to build and annotate google maps. For those of you interested in learning how to do it yourself, we’re going to do a quick walkthrough to get you started, and show you some examples.

Annotated Google Chicago Vacation Map

Recently Mrs. GW had to go to the ACCM show in Chicago, so we took the kids along went a day earlier and turned it into one of those mini-vacations. Now before you start unsubscribing thinking I’m going to subject you to the internet’s version of the dreaded family slideshow bear with me a minute. I find one of the … [Continue reading Annotated Google Chicago Vacation Map]

Suggestions For Google Sitemaps

Hey Google Sitemaps and Google Sitemaps Blog (not sure which will get me noticed first) how about putting a link on that google dashboard to sitemaps if I’m signed in and have an active sitemap account?

Google Mis-Matching Domain Content on Shared IP’s

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here but I can tell you it’s significantly wierd. I can’t say exactly why it’s happening but it looks like Google is mixing the content for different domains from completely different owners if they share an IP. For example on Google search for [] you’ll see the correct domain listed but the content … [Continue reading Google Mis-Matching Domain Content on Shared IP’s]

SEO’s Without Hats

Unless I’m especially bored or am looking to stir up trouble somewhere I try to avoid white hat/black hat or other ethical debates like the plague. Basically they are time wasters and you’re never going to convince someone to change their mind. I’m sure somewhere someone out there considers me a “white hat”, also Senor Cutts recently let me know … [Continue reading SEO’s Without Hats]

Required Reading for Advertising and PR Agencies

Aaron’s got a killer post today that should be required reading for anyone who works at an advertising or in the public relations industry Blogger Lawsuits are the Equivalent of an SEO A Bomb : SEO What I find exceedingly stupid about this lawsuit is the plaintiff (who sells marketing services – how good could they be?) claimed that … [Continue reading Required Reading for Advertising and PR Agencies]

Google and Deep Crawling

I’m having quite a bit of difficulty getting deep crawls from Google recently. Adding new subdomains to existing sites in some cases sites that are 4 and 5 years old are taking over a month to get the just the main page on a new subdomain indexed. Yahoo seems to be doing ok by comparison, and you gotta luv’ that … [Continue reading Google and Deep Crawling]