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Product Blogs

One of the types of blogs I like to use is what I call a product blog. This type of blog features products from small niche or vertical market. For example rather than build yet another gadget blog I’d focus on something much smaller like flat panel monitors. These blogs are all about capturing the long tail for search engine … [Continue reading Product Blogs]

Disney Imagineer Blog

So if you’re a regular reader you know I’m a bit of a Disney nut (some would say I don’t need the Disney qualifier). If I could choose any job to have when I grow up it would be a Disney Imagineer (the folks who dream up the parks and rides that go into them). Under the stewardship of Disney’s … [Continue reading Disney Imagineer Blog]

Google Finance: Get Yer’ Game On

Unless you were completely asleep or under a very big rock you no doubt heard about the launch of Google Finance. However since I’ve given up on regurgitated news I’d like to talk about ways to use Google finance for fun and profit.

MSN AdCenter Invites

Ok if you’re looking for an invite to get into the MSN Adcenter drop something in the comments I still have about 6 left to go around. First come, first served.

Blogging for Attention

If you’re a regular reader you probably know I’m a big advocate of using pen names. Whether it’s to fulfill people’s impression of who a blogging author might be, or building a more intriguing “character” , if it makes it more interesting, I just do it. You may also remember my post When A Pen Name Backfires where this actually … [Continue reading Blogging for Attention]

The Blank Piece of Paper

Art of the Start Review

I had never heard of Guy Kawasaki until earlier this year when his blog posts started finding their way into digg, delicious, and the posts of other bloggers. After the fourth or fifth post he made his way into my subscriptions and is one of my favorite bloggers. My buddy Todd recommended “the Art of the Start” and that was … [Continue reading Art of the Start Review]

Computer Cufflinks

Being a member of the bathrobe workforce and a soccer Mom Dad, I don’t have to get dressed up too often. However I went to a meeting earlier this week and the only dress shirt I could find had French cuffs (that means it needs cufflinks for you in the back of the class). So I grabbed it and went … [Continue reading Computer Cufflinks]

There’s No Crying in Black Hat SEO

SEO is clearly an emerging industry every day more and more people decide to try their hands at learning techniques to increase their rankings. However many of these newbies give in to the dark side thinking it’s faster, quicker, and easier. However many of these same people end up getting their websites or their clients websites banned. So for those … [Continue reading There’s No Crying in Black Hat SEO]

Can You Do Me A Favor …

Recently I went to a local printer to have some things printed for my business. The owner was actually helping and asking questions along the way. When we finished he asked “I have a website, I paid a few thousand for it, it has a lot of products on it, but only gets a few people a month coming to … [Continue reading Can You Do Me A Favor …]

Constant Contact Review – Email Program

In an earlier post (see Bridging the Gap Between Email and Blog Marketing) I mentioned how I’m trying to use email marketing to bring some customers to my sites who weren’t yet up to speed with reading RSS feeds. I looked at few solutions and decided on Constant Contact, because it seemed to offer the most features for the cheapest … [Continue reading Constant Contact Review – Email Program]

Review of

I was asked to take a look at a new company who is offering online data storage and backups. While I think I do a pretty good job of backing up my data in house and storing them in a fire resistant media safe, my off site backups are non-existent. This is something I really should address, since I … [Continue reading Review of]

Challenging Traditional Media

For the last few weeks I’ve been investigating and experimenting with storing my DVD’s in digital format on a network drive for playback throughout the house. Even after finding a DVD decrypter program I still have to say conventional media and distribution companies really have gone to a lot of trouble to make the whole thing more difficult than it … [Continue reading Challenging Traditional Media]

What Matt Cutts Didn’t Say

Sometimes you can get subtle clues about things by not only paying attention to what people say , but what they didn’t say. For example take this question from Meet The Crawlers at SES NYC Audience Question: Do you only crawl links found on pages or does your algorithm use queries from the toolbar? MSN: It may. Google: If you’re … [Continue reading What Matt Cutts Didn’t Say]

SEO for Product Reviews, Part II

In SEO for Product Reviews, Part I we talked about how ignoring or not addressing “keyword review” or “keyword reviews” leaves your company or product in a vulnerable position. However since I’m trying to be more positive in this post I’d like to talk about some SEO strategies for reviews.

SEO for Product Reviews, Part I

If you do any SEO work on branded or named products or services, hopefully you’re already optimizing for “keyword review” or “keyword reviews”. Not only is it good because people actually search for those phrases, but it’s an effective strategy for getting better placement in Google. However before we get into any tactics, I think it’s an important to show … [Continue reading SEO for Product Reviews, Part I]

Getting More Out of Article Distribution Websites

At this stage of the game syndicating your content with article distribution websites is still a fairly effective strategy for building links. However as engines continue to tighten the grip on duplicate content and become more sophisticated at detecting patterns I think it’s a tactic being addressed by search engine algorithm’s. So here are my tips for getting more value … [Continue reading Getting More Out of Article Distribution Websites]