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AdBrite Review

While I had heard of Phillip Kaplan and F** before, I hadn’t heard of AdBrite until Pubcon in Las Vegas where Phillip spoke one morning. I spoke with the nice folks at the booth and decided to give it a shot a few months later.

SEO and the Thrill of the Rank

I’m an SEO. My job is not is not to educate, organize, or raise profits of any search or advertising company. My job is to find algorthym or market ineffiecincies. My goal is profit from that knowledge and share it with those willing to pay for my expertise. I’m a fox in the hen house. I want your position in … [Continue reading SEO and the Thrill of the Rank]

Sandbox and Pagerank

If you read any of the forums you’ve probably heard murmurings of PR update underway. Actually this ties in quite nicely with some sandbox phenomenon I’ve been seeing for quite a while. Usually about 2 to 4 weeks before a pagerank update goes public sites start popping out of the sandbox ( see Peek-a-Boo in the Sandbox).

Peek-a-Boo in the Sandbox

First off let me say Google’s constantly updating non synchronized data centers are actually becoming quite annoying. Big Daddy data centers not being in sync with anything even more annoying. Anyways, I’m starting to see some sites coming out of the sandbox in the past week or so. Let me clarify that I’m starting to see pages not entire sites … [Continue reading Peek-a-Boo in the Sandbox]

Button Pushing is Not Marketing

From the Wall Street Journal comes this comment about the “v7ndotcom elursrebmem” contest :via Several other groups are trying to win the contest by soliciting links via an entirely different route: aligning themselves with charity groups and promising to donate the prize money. SEOs grouse about that tactic, saying it makes the contest a test of heart-string tugging rather … [Continue reading Button Pushing is Not Marketing]

AdSense Success in one Sentence

Darren nails it with this statement: AdSense tends to work at it’s best when a blogger targets a narrower niche topic, especially when that topic has some sort of product or service associated with it.

No One Wants to be Fat and Poor

There’s a famous quote that goes something like “why do people rob banks … because thats where the money is”. When people are considering new niches to go into the often forget that common logic. Unless there is some sort of demand building the best website in the world in that space will yield very limited profits. Another aspect that’s … [Continue reading No One Wants to be Fat and Poor]

Making WordPress More Crawlable

IMHO one of the hallmarks of good site architecture is ease of crawlability. For those of you in the back row, that means keeping everything no more than 2 or 3 levels (clicks) from any other page or the homepage. WordPress by default displays however many posts you selected to display on the homepage in every archive category, unless you … [Continue reading Making WordPress More Crawlable]

Double Edged Sword of Blog Success

Since the beginning of the year my subscription rate on this blog has doubled. I’ve gone from 75 subscriptions to over 160. I will admit that I’ve been working towards the goal of increasing my readership. The two key principles I’ve been using are trying to have something worth saying, and saying it regularly and consistently, and I hope I’ve … [Continue reading Double Edged Sword of Blog Success]

Site Targeting and Niche Blogging

I’m not the first one to say this, and I surely won’t be the last but if you use AdSense on your blog you really need to pick a niche topic and stick with it. This point become especially important if you allow site targeting on your blog. I have advertisers who target this blog and I have absolutely no … [Continue reading Site Targeting and Niche Blogging]

Editing Wikipedia and Ancient Traditions

Ever since the ancient Sumerian’s started writing things down in cuneiform on stone tablets thousands of years ago, people have been modifying historical records to suit their own purposes and goals. One of my particular favorites is the story of the heretic king Akhenaten of ancient Egypt, who tried to replace thousands of years of polytheism with worship of a … [Continue reading Editing Wikipedia and Ancient Traditions]


Lodefizzle this is a zugzwang post so avert your eyes nothing to see. Trying to find the meaning of life for Lodefizzle: click here Learn about HTML and Lodefizzle: click here Unwashed masses fawning over Lodefizzle: click here Lodefizzle: something I was fiddling with because the kids were home sick and I couln’t get any real work done. read more | digg … [Continue reading Lodefizzle]

Ministry of Disinformation Visits SEO Rockstars

On January 31st Google’s top Svengali Matt Cutts visited SEO Rockstars. WebGuerilla (aka Greg Boser) questioned Matt about the “sandboxing” of the domain []. Using his super top secret internal google tools (show off) he said it was not an age penalty, there was something else that made it look “wonky”. Yes he actually said wonky, but obviously wasn’t going … [Continue reading Ministry of Disinformation Visits SEO Rockstars]