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Corporate Black Hat SEO Terminology

So now that more and more companies are getting involved in one form or another of search marketing, chances are at some point some of you may get a call from, and actually end up pitching for the occasional consulting gig. To help you transition from working in your bathing suit to a pinstripe suit you may need to revise … [Continue reading Corporate Black Hat SEO Terminology]

The Art of Title Bait

So now that everybody is talking about linkbait. I think it’s important to consider one of the important qualities of good linkbait, otherwise known as Title Bait.

Maximizing Profits With Website Design and Layout: Part III

In Maximizing Profits With Website Design and Layout: Part I, we looked at some examples of screen resolutions, and content placement. In Maximizing Profits With Website Design and Layout: Part II, we looked at how banner size affected the “sweet spot” being above or below the fold. In part III we’re going to look at liquid versus static.

Maximizing Profits With Website Design and Layout: Part II

In Maximizing Profits With Website Design and Layout: Part I, we looked at some examples of screen resolutions, and content placement. In part II I’m going to show some examples of how I look at and approach design considerations, specifically where the important “money making” parts are in relation to the screen break.

Google, Bull Sh*t and Britney Spears

So the web’s most linked to Googler Matt Cutt’s is going on about spelling and it’s effect on SEO. Now my personal opinion is people who strive for perfect spelling are no better than the intellectual elitists who pass around incomprehensible PDF’s that are so lacking in creative and interesting writing, they overcompensate with high falutin’ vocabulary words, but I … [Continue reading Google, Bull Sh*t and Britney Spears]

Maximizing Profits With Website Design and Layout: Part I

I was building new site this past weekend and I got into the liquid width versus static width debate with myself again. Now I’ve been involved in designing, programming, running, and optimizing websites in one way or another since 1998, and while I’m no usability expert I think I’ve seen and built enough websites to have a educated opinion, so … [Continue reading Maximizing Profits With Website Design and Layout: Part I]

SEO Zen Master

Maybe I’m a sucker for eastern philosophy, but if you’re looking to find out how to take a pebble from the hand of the master, then you should know there’s is no such thing as SEO

Reverse Mad Libs SEO

Here’s another quick and fast tip for you … people have habits. They are also repetitive and like to keep repeating things (intentional). If you run a website about Jessica Simpson and were getting lots of traffic for [Jessica Simpson cell phone pictures], pull a reverse mad libs on it. Take the noun out and substitute in every other possible … [Continue reading Reverse Mad Libs SEO]

Google Trust and Librarians

So what websites does Google trust? Well we all have our own theories, but I think there are a few clues in the Google Newsletter for Librarians: January Edition.

Using Others Content as Linkbait

Perfect of example of how to take someone’s else’s content recycle and repackage it into an awesome piece of linkbait that’s actually useful. Geek to Live: Lifehacker Pack

AdSense: Note to Self

When you come across somone’s spammy website and turn of JavaScript to look at the redirect script,  don’t freak out when webmaster welafare (aka AdSense) suddenly stop showing on all of your websites.

Guy Kawasaki The Blogger

I’ll shamefully admit to not knowing who Guy Kawasaki was a week ago, but I hafta say he is a damn good blogger, and I imagine a pretty amazing speaker.

v7ndotcom Elursrebmem Blogs

After what seems like forever (but is really only 4 days) my v7ndotcom elursrebmem entry finally ranks, coming in somewhere between 25 and 30 depending on what ranking tool and data center you happen to be using (SERP). However now that every SEO on the planet has a blog I thought I might cruise around the blogosphere and see how … [Continue reading v7ndotcom Elursrebmem Blogs]

E-Commerce It’s Not Just for Rich Broads

I came across a report today in

V7n Contest

So I’ve decided to enter the V7N SEO contest, not because I think I’m great, but because I’d really like to see the money go to a good charity. So if you’d like to see my entry visit my v7ndotcom elursrebmem page, and find out how you can help the prize money go to kids with cancer. I’ll also be … [Continue reading V7n Contest]

Internet Based TV Network

Earlier this week Google launched Google Video, a service which allows you to download and play videos. Some big time players are participating in the distribution like CBS and the NBA. While some of these videos are free many of them have a nominal download fee (currently $$3.95 or less). This puts them on a level playing field with ITunes … [Continue reading Internet Based TV Network]

When A Pen Name Backfires

When I am developing a blog one of the things I think about is giving the blog a “voice”. There’s always a little bit of me in it, but I try to find a voice that compliments the site and makes it more interesting. Quite often that “voice” happens to be that of a woman. I’ve done lots of different … [Continue reading When A Pen Name Backfires]

Show Me Your Backlinks

All right the cat’s out of the bag everybody knows about and is using WebGuerilla’s excellent backlink tool the tattler. It works off of Yahoo’s Site Explorer data and lets you dump it into a spreadsheet. I also like to mix it with Aaron Wall’s Backlink Analyzer to look at anchor text.

Spammers Google’s Defensive Line

In case you missed it last week an analyst predicted Google will climb to $600 a share. Not to be outdone with preposterous pontifications another analyst predicted Google would reach $2000 a share. Both of these numbers are completely ridiculous ( I might feel differently if I owned a few hundred shares though). However it got me thinking what would … [Continue reading Spammers Google’s Defensive Line]

Stuntdubl Interview

Lee Oden from Online Marketing Blog got an interview with my buddy Todd (aka Stuntdubl) that’s well worth the read. (» Interview with Todd Malicoat aka Stuntdubl of We Build Pages) In the interview I read something that gave me an idea I’ll never get around to doing, so I’ll throw it out there: