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Bacon Polenta, Second Helping

So after Matt Cutts made his infamous Bacon Polenta posting it was discovered that his Bacon Polenta was Google Washed by the DarkSeoLabs team over at Threadwatch. I made note of it here on my blog (Matt Cutts and Bacon Polenta). Now it seems that Google has decided that my post should rank #2 for [Bacon Polenta](Bacon Polenta Screen Shot). … [Continue reading Bacon Polenta, Second Helping]

Blog News Reporter: Promotion and Growing your Blog

In part two we talked about your your blogging approach and voice (Blog News Reporter: Approaches and the News), so we’ll talk about what to do once your blog is up and running and you don’t have too many readers. Syndicate Content: Syndicating your content has a few different aspects. The first and easiet method is syndicating your blog content. … [Continue reading Blog News Reporter: Promotion and Growing your Blog]

Rulebreaker Creative Problem Solver?

This is a personal post, so if you’re only looking for search related stuff feel free to pass by. This weekend was my oldest daughters birthday. The school she attends lets you bring in cupcakes and juice for the class to celebrate. So last night we made 24 cupcakes and frosted them, put them in 2 aluminum trays and set … [Continue reading Rulebreaker Creative Problem Solver?]

Blog News Reporter: Approaches and the News

In part one of this series we talked about the tools for being a blog news reporter (Blog News Reporter: The Tools). In part II we are going to focus on the actual blog itself. Determine a Goal: When you are getting ready to start a blog try to think where you want this blog to be in 1 year. … [Continue reading Blog News Reporter: Approaches and the News]

Blog News Reporter: The Tools

I’ve been working on some blog news sites for several months now and I’ve come up with an modus operandi, and some time saving tips. This is an approach that works for me, feel free to copy it, massage it and integrate it into your schedule as you see fit. Blog Software: There’s a lot of software for blogging on … [Continue reading Blog News Reporter: The Tools]

How To Be a Blog News Reporter

I’m training people who’ve never blogged before how to be a blog news reporter. I’ve been using writeboard as a tool to develop notes, and in the effort of community spirit I’m sharing my approach. I’ve broken it down into the subjects listed below: Blog News Reporter: The Tools Blog News Reporter: Approaches and the News Blog News Reporter: Promotion … [Continue reading How To Be a Blog News Reporter]

Matt Cutts and Bacon Polenta

I’ve been trying to keep away from the regurg’d news but clearly this is one of the more important SEO threads of the year Matt Cutts Blog Google Washed.

Wikipedia Eats Google Part II

I was tipped off to Wikipedia Eats Google, through Steve Rubel’s Wikipedia all over Google. One his main proving points is this special query over at Google [* *] which is intresting, and this is the authors line of reasoning: Google is becoming increasingly prone to Wikipedia. This is because Google’s PageRanktm algorithm, the method by which it ranks search … [Continue reading Wikipedia Eats Google Part II]

Writeboard, Backpack, and Basecamp Review

I saw the buzz yesterday about the new product Writeboard. When I started playing with it I ended up looking at the whole suite of products. Writeboard (no aff) is a virtual white board that allows people to have a collaborative whiteboard across the internet. It’s password protected so only people you “invite” can see and modify it. However it … [Continue reading Writeboard, Backpack, and Basecamp Review]

Case Study: Google Image Search and Marissa Mayer

SEO Case Study: Google Image Search Optimization Experiment: To try to determine what factors play a role in optimizing for Google Image Search Hypothesis: Image file names and alt tags play a role in determining image relevancy for a particular search term Background: I was reading the Happy Birthday Gurtie post at threadwatch which led me over to Gray Hat … [Continue reading Case Study: Google Image Search and Marissa Mayer]