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Blogging Tip : Permalink

If you write a blog or read them regularly chances are you come across the term permalink. A permalink is supposed to do two things: First it establishes a cool URI (see Cool URI’s don’t change). Secondly it helps combat linkrot. So most blogs have permalink or similar concept, which is a good thing. The problem however lies in the … [Continue reading Blogging Tip : Permalink]

Blog News : Scrapes, Fakes, And Remakes

If you’re a regular reader here you know I’m a big fan of integrating a trend or news blog into your website. I think it’s a great idea for keeping things from becoming old and stale, and a fun and educational way to play some of the “freshbot” games. I’ve been experimenting with different kinds of news blogs and I’ll … [Continue reading Blog News : Scrapes, Fakes, And Remakes]

Free Backlink Analyzer

Aaron Wall who writes SEO Book released a beta version of Free Backlink Analyzer. I’ve taken it for a spin around the block and have to say I’m pretty impressed so far. Categories:( seo | tools | seobook | aaron.wall)

Splogs Are a Good Thing

Mark Cuban of Ice Rocket has launched a holy war in the blogosphere against what he considers the scourge of the online world, spam blogs or splogs for short. He’s so upset about it he’s threatening to ban all blogs from Google’s blogspot domain, since he feels that’s where the majority of splogs come from. I’m going to come right … [Continue reading Splogs Are a Good Thing]

Google Sitemaps Review

I launched multiple new websites in July (more than 2 but less than 10) and decided to give Google new Sitemap tool a try. To keep things as even as possible I put links to each of the new websites on different established website home pages, which had a PR of 4 or 5 (pagerank is broken and stupid, not … [Continue reading Google Sitemaps Review]

Putting a Content Based Website Together

We’ve covered long term content and short term content, information pages, and touched briefly on advertising. Now it’s time to bring it all together. File Structure One of the absolute biggest mistakes I made when building websites was to not plan far enough ahead. So I ended up with pages like ““, “”, or ““. Really the best way to … [Continue reading Putting a Content Based Website Together]

Advertising on Content Based Websites

After spending time on research, creating content, buying a domain and paying for hosting, it only makes sense that you are compensated all of your effort. The most effective way to do this is with some form of advertising or affiliate program. Affiliate Programs In an affiliate program you are compensated for generating a sale or driving a qualified lead … [Continue reading Advertising on Content Based Websites]

Website Informational Pages

Now that I’ve covered long term content and short term content I’m left with the parts of a website that is either the most difficult, most tedious or most boring to work on, the basic information pages. Some of these pages aren’t neccesasry, but they will go a long way towards making your site look more professional and trustworthy. Home … [Continue reading Website Informational Pages]

Short Term Content

I spoke about long term content in the first article in this series. Now I am going to talk about short term content, which again strangely enough is content which will have a value only for a short period of time. Personally I draw the line between long and short term at one year. If you expect the content to … [Continue reading Short Term Content]