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Choice of Vocabulary

I really hate to keep beating a dead horse but, dammit if no one in the SEO world is going to take up the charge of making things more understandable I will. For example here is the third sentence in a new document from Orion: This leads to a perception mismatch that makes more than one metric irrelevant. WTF? Have … [Continue reading Choice of Vocabulary]

Search Engine Spiders

I’ve been conducting some experiments with search engines, spiders and getting indexed. The tests were conducted on three new domains that didn’t exist until 3 days before. The only inbound links were comments from popular heavily traffic blogs. I made 3 comments on 3 different blogs for 3 different domains. For each of the domains Google was the first to … [Continue reading Search Engine Spiders]

Zen of SEO

Jill Whalen has an excellent article called the Zen of SEO. Often, it’s easiest for us when we can just roll up our sleeves and do what we know needs to be done, rather than try to explain the whys and wherefores. Many times it’s not even possible to explain exactly why we are doing a specific thing, because it … [Continue reading Zen of SEO]

Adsense and Heat Maps

Thanks to Jenstar for doing whatever had to be done behind the scenes to get Google to release the Adsense heat map onto the Adsense optimization tips page. I’ll admit when I first saw it, I mentally was trying to combine it with the most comparable heat map of the eyetrack studies. I finally decided it was time to put … [Continue reading Adsense and Heat Maps]

Off Topic Advertising

If you are involved in selling text links or “know a guy” who is, you’ve probably had to wrestle with the issue of selling off topic links. The question of how it affects your websites ranking is a separate issue for another time. The primary issue is do you go for the money or turn it down. I prefer to … [Continue reading Off Topic Advertising]

SEO’s Little Black Dress

Despite what the W3C says I see some evidence that “click here” should be in every SEO’s closet.  

Google Dashboard

I talked about Google’s Search History yesterday. Well in the interest of research I signed up. Once you do you’ll notice something a little different starting with the google home page: (note shots have been sanitized) After logging in this is what you’ll see, looks like they are making serious steps in the portal direction to me Can blogger, adsense, … [Continue reading Google Dashboard]

Google Search History

Google today rolled out it’s beta version of search history. After you sign in Google will start storing your search history for years (news). You’ll be able to remove individual searches at will should you want to. While there is some small benefit being able to see what you looked at 6 months ago, I’m of the opinion there is … [Continue reading Google Search History]

Adsense Tool for Firefox

For any of you who are chronic adsense checkers, this firefox extension is for you. It lets you see your daily adsense earnings in your status bar, way cool. Thanks to Fantomaster for the heads up! tags: (adsense|firefox|SEM)


So I’m almost finished with my CSS Zen Garden Book, and I’ve been inspired to completely redesign this blog. I have a couple of other business projects to finish up, so it’s mostly in the preliminary design stage, and probably a few weeks off. However since my posting volume has increased, I’m thinking of adding adsense to bring in some … [Continue reading AdSense]

Nike Caught with Gym Shorts Down

There’s a bit of a bru-ha-ha over Joseph Jaffe’s Tiger Woods Nike commercial floating about on the web. It always strikes me as funny when a marketing rep for a large corporation comes out and says something like this: Nike’s [Chris] Mike said he had not seen Jaffe’s ad, nor would he comment more broadly on consumer-generated media. So … [Continue reading Nike Caught with Gym Shorts Down]

Popularity is not Credibility

Steve Rubel talks about How to measure a Bloggers Credibility. He mentions these four methods: Assessing his/herTechnorati standing Checking whether the person makes his/her traffic statistics publicly viewable Using Google and Marketleap Researching the blogger’s media coverage Now I read his blog pretty regularly, and he’s a pretty bright guy, so I’ll assume he’s using these primarily as a starting … [Continue reading Popularity is not Credibility]

CSS Zen Garden and Commerce Sites

If you’ve ever had a discussion with me you know how strongly I advocate web pages being standards compliant and use CSS-P. It’s not because I’m some HTML drill sergeant, it’s just there’s no reason, other than pure laziness, to not design a CSS-P website. From a maintenance standpoint if you do it correctly and completely isolate all of your … [Continue reading CSS Zen Garden and Commerce Sites]

Google Patent Analysis

I’ve spent a good deal of time of the past two days analyzing the Google patent. Now part of me says you spent the time doing the research you should keep it to yourself and not share. The other part of me says two heads are better than one, and someone could point out a flaw or oversight in your … [Continue reading Google Patent Analysis]