Archives for January 2005

Google Sandbox, Stop the Insanity

For those of you in the industry you’ve now doubt heard of the infamous “sandbox”. For those of you not in the trade, here’s the cliff notes version: The sandbox is an alleged penalty or filter that is applied to new websites to prevent them from ranking for “money” or other popular search terms. If you want to read more … [Continue reading Google Sandbox, Stop the Insanity]

Internet Searchers: Fat, Dumb and Happy

According to two recent studies internet users are nowhere near as sophisticated as many people believe they are. Infact many are almost clueless which is good news for the marketing folk. Here are some experts: Only one in six users of Internet search engines can tell the difference between unbiased search results and paid advertisements, a new survey finds. But … [Continue reading Internet Searchers: Fat, Dumb and Happy]

Free High Paying Keywords from Threadwatch

If you’re a player in the search engine field, and you haven’t heard of threadwatch, I’m not sure what kind of rock you’ve been trapped under but go check it out. What you need more incentive, ok fine, Nick hooked up with CashKeywords and is offering all of his members FREE access to a database of high paying keywords valued … [Continue reading Free High Paying Keywords from Threadwatch]

Mini Skirts and Home Pages

Over at there is a forum thread about much copy there should be on your homepage and whether there is an ideal length or word count. One of the moderators reply was priceless, so I’ll share it with you: “Copy should be like a woman’s skirt, long enough to cover the essentials, short enough to be interesting.”