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My Last Game of Baseball

Continued from (my first baseball game) So 5 to 6 years have passed since my game winning ball story. I’m no longer a runt, I’m now an average size skinny little kid who can run pretty fast. Perhaps the most important change is I know where glasses. Yes it makes me look like more of a geek, but I can … [Continue reading My Last Game of Baseball]

Seth Godin on Copyright

While I’d like to think Seth Godin is reading my blog, and happened to see my “movie piracy is a felony” thread and became intrigued enough in the debate between myself and my buddy Cocles the screenwriter, that he started his own blog posting. I doubt that’s the way it happened. Anyway check out what Seth has to say: On … [Continue reading Seth Godin on Copyright]

My First Baseball Game

Despite the fact that I had won the game winning ball I was still a runt and I was still pretty much a spaz when it came to baseball. With that in mind you can understand my adoration and hero worship of people who could actually play baseball and play it well. It was the late 70’s and the New … [Continue reading My First Baseball Game]

Game Winning Ball

While most people think of baseball in spring I think of baseball in October. Ok I’m not a big sports fan, and maybe it has to do with the media hype surrounding the playoffs and the World Series. But I will watch a baseball game in October over anything else. If I’m a fan of any team it’s the New … [Continue reading Game Winning Ball]