Use Your iPad For Your Next Presentation And Make Life Easier

As I continue to be amazed at the way people are making use of their iPad, it occurred to me that the potential far outweighs the limitations.  For example, let’s say you have a presentation or speaking engagement coming up at one of the search conferences.  You now have a choice: bring your heavy laptop or bring your lightweight and ultra-portable iPad.  Not sure what to do? Here are some ways you can use your iPad at your next speaking gig, and then you can decide the best device to take.

Getting Your Presentation Organized
There are some great tools you can use on the iPad to help you organize your speech and get it ready to present.  Here are a few that will help you prepare.


This is an invaluable tool to have as you get ready for your presentation. Evernote is a very popular tool amongst bloggers as it helps you remember anything and everything quickly. You can use it to capture ideas for your speech in multiple ways and then sync these with your iPhone and/or your Mac or Windows desktop.  Here are some of the ways it can help you as you prepare:

  • Write down ideas
  • Save web clips
  • Snap photos for your presentation
  • Record voice memos


Putting a speech together means you probably have a lot of files of various kinds and it also means you need access to those files from where ever you might be working.  Dropbox is perfect for that. It is one of the easiest ways to sync and share files online and across computers.  You get 2GB of online storage free and you don’t have to worry about hard disks crashing or failing.



This is a great (basic) presentation app.  You can import MS Powerpoint presentations and Keynote ’09 presentations designed in iWork ’09 (be warned that there are some compatibility issues).  As a way to show slides, however, it is perfect for text, images, transitions, and tables/graphs.  Here are some of the features:

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite

If you really want to supercharge your productive time then you will want to check out this app.  Quickoffice Connect is an entire mobile suite which gives you access to multiple cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Docs, or  It also is the only app that lets you view/edit MS Excel and Word.  If you are on the go and getting ready to present, then this will help you stay organized and connected.


while you are thinking about your content, you might want to jot down some notes.  This is the perfect app for doing just that.  Notes+ offers a handwriting tool with palm detection, exporting to PDF, and Google Docs uploads.

During The Presentation


This is an invaluable app to have if you are going to be presenting anything other than your Keynote show.  With this app and the VGA connector you can show any type of presentation materials stored on your iPad or on the Internet.


Now it’s time for the big speech and you have it all typed out but you don’t want to look down at your notes.  How about a teleprompter?  This app smoothly scrolls easily readable text (which you can get from Pages, Email, or any other app that contains text), and at any speed you choose.



If you have a speech to give where there is a time limit (as most of them do) then you might want to have this handy tool running.  Speaker Clock is a digital LED countdown timer that has a large enough display so you can see it from a distance.  It actually emulates the famous countdown clock that all of the speakers at TED conferences adhere to.

Bluetooth Keyboard

bluetooth keyboard
This is a tool you don’t want to be without if you are going to be typing at any length on the iPad, such as when you are typing up your meeting notes, etc. The keyboard on the iPad screen is great but for typing up lengthy documents you will definitely want to consider a separate device.  Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard is flat, light, and it pairs instantly with the iPad.  There is also an iPad keyboard dock that you can buy which is not wireless but I prefer the wireless one since it’s less bulky and thus easier to travel with.

iPad Stand

If you are using a bluetooth keyboard you will definitely want a stand.  Also, during your speech, you will want the stand to prop up your iPad so you can see your presentation, your notes, or the clock.  There are dozens of stands available to choose from and more get added to the market each day.

iPad Dock Connector To VGA Cable

This is a must-have if you will be showing any portion of your presentation on a screen.  It will connect to a projector or a monitor that has VGA.  If your monitor/TV does not have VGA then there are adaptors you can buy that go from VGA to Composite or HDMI.

After The Presentation

Angry Birds

I had to throw this in. After that big speech and before the parties begin, you will definitely want to just clear your mind. This game is one of the most mindless and addicting games for the iPad.  There is just something oddly calming about slinging little birds at green pigs.

So, that’s the list of apps that can supercharge your next search conference speaking gig – and it will make your life easier because not only can you do all of the things above, but you can still answer email, surf the web, and work on Twitter/Facebook.

So, is that compelling enough to try it out? Or will you stick by your tried and true methods?

Shane Ketterman is the owner of and describes himself as a driver and writer. He drives traffic and writes daily for his iPad blog.  Shane became involved with the Internet since it was text-based and websites were built in Geo Cities.  He is passionate about search, marketing, and gadgets.
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