How to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool with Tweet Pro

So my friend Cesar Serna launched his new site this week and is making his first tool Tweet Pro available. If you don’t know Cesar he used to work for Greg Boser aka Webgeurilla. I was in on the beta program and had a chance to put the tool thru it’s paces this weekend.

In a nutshell the tool is souped up twitter search engine in the form of a desktop application. You put in your search term and twitter returns a list of people who used the term recently

You can then add these people as friends. It has some configurable settings so you can throttle your friending so you don’t look like a spammer. So you don’t believe that friending people on twitter is a worthwhile marketing activity … can I suggest reading a Twitter Case Study from Rae Hoffman (aka Sugarrae) showing how she used twitter to build her follower list.

Want another example, fine lets say you had a blog and you wrote a nice post about how to sync your iphone contacts with google/gmail then lets say you fire up Tweet Pro and search for [iphone google contacts] you get a nice list of people most of whom are looking to find out how to sync their iphone with their google contacts list:

Do you think those people might find it helpful if you sent them a message like

Hi @johnsmith I noticed you were looking for help with you iphone and google contacts here’s a link you might find helpful

Do you think if you were using any social tools or had a blog, they might subscribe to you, bookmark you, follow you, tell their friends or even retweet you?

Do you think subscribing to a tool that makes that easier is worth $20 a month?

I’ll also make some suggestions for improvements since I know Cesar will see this:

  • I’d love to be able to tweet replies right from the app itself
  • I’d also love the ability to store some preprogrammed responses so I didn’t have type them over and over, and have them isolated on a profile basis (did I mention it has multiple profiles)
  • Also I’d love the ability to search inside TINYURL’s for people who are tweeting links to my domain (or my competition). I know this can be done I’ve seen other programs do it.

Remember using tools to automate things isn’t evil (see legitimate uses of mechanical grunts), it’s about taking tedious work and making it faster and easier.

if you’re ready to step up and start using the good tools check out Tweet Pro

No cash, services, products or future considerations were exchanged for making this post. I did receive access to a preliminary beta copy for evaluation. It’s really sad that organizations like Google make you look like criminal committing a felony for writing about or linking to your friends. But matt cutts spamming twitter with books about google is “different” and “ok” runs on the Genesis Framework

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