Two New Plugins Worth Checking Out from Linkshare and EzineArticles

As I mentioned before, I’m a big fan of plugins. They help me manage and run WordPress more efficiently and GTD. I’ve got a list of SEO Plugins for WordPress, which is on living URL (hmm… 2008. Guess I need to update that…). Last week, I came across two new plugins that are different. I think they really help WordPress take a big step forward. One is from EzineArticles and the other is from Linkshare.

For those of you who might now know, EzineArticles is an article-marketing website. You upload articles to their system with two goals in mind: syndicating your content to gain links and hosting content on another site. Both goals ultimately help you gain an additional position in the SERP’s. Now they’ve made the process easier with the EzineArticles plugin. Once the content is in your WordPress system you can submit it directly to Ezinearticles. Is it huge time saver? No. But if you run multiple websites and submit multiple articles per site each month, it adds up. I wish I could embed the video explaining it…but I can’t, so you need to head over to EZineArticles to check it out.

The next plugin comes from Linkshare. It lets you add affiliate links directly from your post page instead of having to go to Linkshare and build the link. You will need to get a feed token from Linkshare before the plugin will work, but it’s easy to apply for. Once you have it, get the Linkshare Plugin and you’re ready to go. If you are working with merchants who allow deep linking, you can even deep link. Personally I wished they allowed you to do a bit of link masking. Unlike Lori Weiman, I think link masking is a smart, long-term strategy for affiliates. Either way, the plugin makes your life a little bit easier.

I wish other affiliate networks offered these types of tools. I found one  for CJ, but the installation required some additional software on the server. I was never able to get it to work properly.
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