How to drive traffic with Flickr Photos

While Flickr is really a photo sharing, community building tool, as long as you don’t go completely overboard you probably aren’t going have angry mobs flagging you as spam. Now you could always go the with the babe in a t-shirt approach, but we’re looking for something more sophisticated.

To get started you’ll need a flickr account which you can set up at Now you can use it for free but it limits your traffic, your photos sets, and few other things. If you plan on using flickr as a tool spring for the $25 dollars. Next you should probably use the flickr uploader tool. It lets you upload in batch, drop and drag from folders or picasa, and in general just makes things go a little bit quicker.

Now let’s get started with this photo:

We could add some bars for our info but in additio to looking tacky it’s easily removeable (see below)

If we take the image put our message in an unremovable spot but downplay it so it doesn’t overpower the image it looks much better.

The key here is to use a light sprinkling of images with your info, not a big pile of overly obvious spam. Try to find some more popular tags that are relevant for your photos. Are you a DJ, then how about pictures of some parties you’ve done? Are you a travel agent, then how about pictures from places you’ve stayed. Run and auto detailing and customization shop, then how about pictures of the cars you’ve done some overhaulin’ and ride pimping on. Run a pet store, how about some pictures of some animals you sell. Link to your flickr photoset from your website, link from the informational pages, NOT FORM THE PURCHASE PAGES (add value don’t push paying customers out the door). Look for ways to make your photos interesting and attractive so that people who come across them have a reason to visit your website. Next up, Using Web Videos to Build Traffic. runs on the Genesis Framework

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