How to Use a How to Article

If you work on any aspect of SEO, Internet marketing, PPC, or social media, chances are good that you’ve come across a lot of tutorials or how to articles. Some of them are really good, and you want to use them in the future. But unless you have an organized, disciplined way of keeping track of the information and making … [Continue reading How to Use a How to Article]

What Makes a Good Corporate Blog

When I talk with new, existing or potential clients about blogging or content marketing strategies, many of them are confused about how to run a good corporate blog. How do they write about things that customers and potential customers will find interesting or link worthy without being too salesy or too pushy. In this post, I’ll take a look at … [Continue reading What Makes a Good Corporate Blog]

Use Your iPad For Your Next Presentation And Make Life Easier

As I continue to be amazed at the way people are making use of their iPad, it occurred to me that the potential far outweighs the limitations.  For example, let’s say you have a presentation or speaking engagement coming up at one of the search conferences.  You now have a choice: bring your heavy laptop or bring your lightweight and … [Continue reading Use Your iPad For Your Next Presentation And Make Life Easier]

How to Use Evernote to Create the Ultimate Post Conference Reference Guide

Now that Pubcon is over I’m going to let you in on a tool that helps me keep track of, organize, find, and use the information I get from conferences, trade shows, and seminars:  Evernote.