We Don’t Need Less Robert Scoble We Just a More Filtered and Relevant One

Vanessa recently spoke about Twitter By Phone, Now With Default Scoble, and I agree with her it’s a problem, however what we really need to do is deal with the cause of the problem not the symptom.

The problem is the age old one facing bloggers, excessive cat blogging or in this case cat twittering. People really need to go back and get a grip on the 80/20 rule of focus originally published by Nick Wilson on Performancing. While you should go read it for those of you who are lazy, basically it says you need to keep at least 80% of your posts on topic and no more than 20% of your posts should be off topic. Not to pick on Scoble as my buddy Jason Calacanis is the same way. I may want to know what they feel about Techmeme (scoble on techmeme and calacanis on techmeme) but I don’t want to know what conversations they have with their neighbors or what movie they saw. Again I’m ok with a little personal life entering into twitter, I do it myself, but when your twitter feed loses focus, it loses relevancy, and value. I guess it comes back to the yet unsolved mixture of personal and professional information intermixing with no way to sort it. If Pamcakes wants it so does everyone else.

Lastly let’s discuss Guy Kawasaki and his twitter feed. Umm dude … your spamming … really. I want to follow you on twitter and see what you have to say, not every single item that gets auto posted from Truemors. I’m ok with people twittering when they make a blog post, see Barry Schwartz posting Daily Search Cap Roundups, but I don’t want tweets that aren’t from you directly (especially hundreds of them). What you really need is a role account for truemors, oh but nobody would probably “follow” that (and you wouldn’t get traffic from it), and Web 2.0 companies don’t get role accounts either, they think you are a spammer if you need more than one account or manage/run more than one website.

So until someone figures out the filtering of personal data, you need to decide do you want to publish “information tweets” or “cat tweets” and stick with it, cause I’m dropping the “cat” people in the next week or so …

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