Getting Buried in Digg, Not as Bad as it Sounds

Without any intervention on my part my post on What’s one Digg Worth got submitted to Digg. I didn’t plan this story but it dropped in my lap so I’m running with it. It’s absolutely the goal when working your own stories for them to stay up as long as possible, the longer they’re up the more traffic and links they will drive. When you play on Digg you have to understand getting buried is part of the game, and sometimes it happens. However it’s not quite as bad as it sounds as you can see in the graph below.

Digg Got Burried

This graph is pretty typical of what a “normal digg” looks like, slow steady growth over a few hours, followed by a change in vote velocity when you make the homepage. If you stay on the homepage it will stay steep until you get pushed to page two, three and so on. If you get buried the steep curve is small and the taper off starts sooner and that’s the part I’d like to look at.

Since my hosting package here is firmly separated from all of my other hosting by a nice thick layer of tin foil I can’t give you hourly stats, but I can tell you I was still getting “digg votes”, digg traffic, non digg traffic, and most importantly links even after I was buried.


So what’s the takeaway from all this

1) Try to get dugg and make it good so you can stay on the homepage you get the most mileage out of your story that way.

2) If you can’t get dugg, go for some hoax marketing that will get buried, but still get you a lot of attention. I have to admit I’m jealous I didn’t think of writing a story like “A Sony Playstation 3 Burned down my House”

3) Lather, rinse, repeat

Heading off any questions the cool digg graphs came from DuggTrends Graph Pages, and please don’t Digg this one the fan boys over there are probably ready to lynch me right about now … runs on the Genesis Framework

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