The Wiggles and Understanding Your Market

If you’ve been around small children who are under the age of 8 you’ve probably heard of The Wiggles. For those of you who haven’t they are a group of four men who sing, dance and frolic entertaining kids with some highly infectious stick in your head all day songs.

Despite this seemingly annoying benefit the Wiggles actually put on a really good live show. A few years ago we had to score some tickets, and they were by far the hardest tickets we ever had to get our hands on. I was kind of sad when I learned the Greg (aka the yellow wiggle) will be leaving for health reasons.

Gray is this another honey pot post, are you really that lame that you want to rank for a guy who’s getting sick? in a word no. So when you get down to the bottom of the post you read this quote:

James Thomson, who edits business magazine BRW, said Page’s departure was unlikely to affect The Wiggles empire, which includes franchises in Taiwan and Latin America and which will soon extend to China and India.

“We’re talking about Yellow Wiggle rather than a person’s name, so you can probably substitute another yellow Wiggle and get away with it,” he told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio.

“For a lot of the new fans, the kids just turning two or three, they won’t know any different.”

A two or three year old won’t realize you replaced Greg with another person! Dude are you insane! Have you ever tried to read a book to a small kid and skip a page or two, did you get away with it or did the kid call you out? Have you ever tried to replace a dead goldfish hoping your three year old wouldn’t notice, did it work? Have you ever tried to convince a child that you really didn’t eat that last piece of cake in the fridge while they were asleep, but that you thrrew it out because it was bad. Did it work or did you get a face that looked like this:

Just because children or your customers aren’t sophisticated doesn’t mean they aren’t perceptive. They will know when you’ve lied to them, or at least tried to lie to them. It doesn’t mean they won’t buy your product this time or the next time, but keep lying and things will be different.

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