SEO’s Without Hats

Unless I’m especially bored or am looking to stir up trouble somewhere I try to avoid white hat/black hat or other ethical debates like the plague. Basically they are time wasters and you’re never going to convince someone to change their mind. I’m sure somewhere someone out there considers me a “white hat”, also Senor Cutts recently let me know he thinks I’m “black hat” (see comments) and most people probably see me somewhere in middle. I’m cool with that, everyone’s perception is their own reality, but in my world I’m an SEO without a hat.

I firmly believe in the eastern philosophy each of us is what the situation requires us to be, we rise and fall with the ebb and flow, and by adapting to our surroundings we can find harmony and balance. Ok but enough with the David Carradine young grasshopper BS, let’s talk about search. When I work on a project if it’s my own or a clients, I look at the landscape. I evaluate the the risks and rewards and look for a solution that best matches the problem at hand. For example I do some free consulting for a charity for internet safety for children. This project has to be squeaky clean, absolutely no spammy, high risk, or even remotely questionable tactics are considered or brought into play. For me to use or even suggest that they use them would be professionally irresponsible. Now if was to take a gig for a live adult “dance club”, I’d feel to not bringing up those spammy, high risk and questionable tactics would be equally professionally irresponsible.

Man without hatSo does that make me a white hat, black hat, or gray hat? I know lots of people need to label everyone and everything, so their world is ordered into nice neat little boxes. However I’m not a nice fit in the box kind of guy. I do understand that we really can’t live in a civilized world if everyone is going to be chaotic, because nothing would ever get done. But here’s the thing, I don’t think most people are chaotic or want to be chaotic. I think most people have a lot of difficulty keeping up an Ayn Rand like lifestyle. So for everyone else who wants to be a white hat, black hat, gray hat or any other color hat that’s fine with me, and you can classify me anyway that makes you happy, but I’m Chapeau Challenged I’m going to SEO without a hat. runs on the Genesis Framework

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