Search Engine Glossary Review

SO I was asked to take a look at Aaron Wall’s Search Engine Glossary over on

The search engine glossary is obviously enough a glossary of search engine related terms. However it also has some other things mixed in such as names of popular software, people, and the other occasional odd listing. The document is well laid out and structured and makes it very easy to link in specifically to individual words or concepts. For example if you wanted to link directly to the definition for bookmarks you can use this link, for crawl depth I would use this this URL

One of the toughest parts of a project like this is providing the right amount of information. As a whole this document does very well, for example look at the listing forDeep Link

A link which points to an internal page within a website.

When links grow naturally typically most high quality websites have many links pointing at interior pages. When you request links from other websites it makes sense to request a link from their most targeted relevant page to your most targeted relevant page. Some webmasters even create content based on easy linking opportunities they think up.

There are other terms which are much more difficult to define in a small space, for example look at trustrank

Search relevancy algorithm which places additional weighting on links from trusted seed websites that are controlled by major corporations, educational institutions, or governmental institutions.

It’s a more advanced concept and has a body of prerequisite knowledge. However for most of those type terms links are provided to give the topic more coverage:

See also:

* TrustRank algorithm – my review of the TrustRank research paper.

There are however a few definitions that could use a little enhancing like
Contextual Advertising

Contextual Advertising
Advertising programs which generate relevant advertisements based on the content of a web page.
See also:

* Google AdSense is the most popular contextual advertising program.

However since this is a project that will never be finished and constantly evolving and changing, I’m hoping things like that will grow naturally over time.

At the top of the document is and alpha style navigation pictured below. When you click on each of the letters you are brought to the first definition that starts with each letter which is pretty convenient.
However what’s missing is a way to get quickly back to the top. Ideally there would be a small bit of text, icon or graphic that would bring me back to the top of the document, at the end of every word might get a little distracting so adding one in between every letter would be OK. I also might think about adding a page only search box, pre-populated with terms from the page just to make navigating it a bit easier. Use a bit of fancy Javascript to use predictive filling.

As a whole I think this is a pretty useful document, it has a few rough patches here and there, but I’m sure they will get refined over time. Lastly this page is covered under a creative commons 2.5 which allows you to share, remix, and build on the work as long as you provide proper attribution to the source.

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