Condensing & Repositioning SEO Copy with Jquery Sliders

A note to eCommerce sites who put their “SEO copy” way down on the page where no human is ever going to see it: You’re not fooling anyone, least of all Google. We’ve all done it though, and that’s because there really was no other way. You don’t put ten paragraphs of content above your list of products on a category page. The last thing you want to do is push your money-makers below the fold so people have to scroll down to get to it. Sure, all that content may be good for SEO, but you can kiss your 5%-10% conversion rate goodbye.

Newegg Page Before SliderBut what if I told you there was a way to get all of that useful, thick content up on top of the product lists without pushing products any further down the page than a pointless, short intro blurb – all while still being perfectly in-line with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?

The trick is to use Jquery sliders, but to do so you’re going to have to break up that content into bite-sized chunks. The good news is a lot of this type of content is already conducive to the format (e.g. “Five Things to Consider When Buying a Widget”). In this example, we’ll use content from Newegg’s LCD TV category page.

To your left is a screenshot of the page as it currently exists. Click to enlarge – or you can just visit the page yourself and scroll to the bottom.

Look familiar? You see a lot of this type of thing on eCommerce and affiliate websites. Sometimes the copy is terrible (like in the Newegg example) and sometimes it is really useful (like in this example). But even the useful stuff never gets seen because the site managers don’t want to push their products or affiliate links a mile down the page to make room for the beefy content. This is sad because A: you could use that content to educate and pre-sell the consumer, and B: it would be far better for SEO if the content appeared above the products, especially on affiliate sites.

Let’s take that huge chunk of content at the bottom and use Jquery to condense it all into a small slider that will fit on the top of the page. All of the content will still exist in the code as text, and will be completely spiderable if done correctly. I’m no designer, but I whipped up a slider real quick to use as an example…

Jquery Content Slider

Now let’s have a look at the Newegg page with all of the content moved to the top using this method…

eCommerce Page with Jquery Content Slider
This simple change could cut your category page-length in half, while putting the juiciest bits of content highest in the code without resorting to grayhat tactics like absolute positioning of divs. What’s more, it will force your copywriters to actually write something useful for the user instead of just garbage SEO filler.

This post was written by Everett Sizemore. Find more eCommerce SEO tips on his blog.

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