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Moderator: Jake Baillie
Andy Hagans, Strategiest, Text-Link-Ads
John Lessnau, Founder, LinkAdage
Thomas Bindl, SEO Consultant, ThomasBindl.com

First up Andy Hagans when buying links you want to look at different factors and measure ROI as much as possible. Buying links is an inexact science. The first thing you want to look at is the theme of the site. You want to try and look atthe site a s a whole not just a single page. Pagerank is one of the factors, but it is out date, and out of sync with internal page rank used by google. Some sites may even have lost the ability to pass page rank. It’s a quick starting point, not the be all end all. After looking at page rank the site’s URL and do a link check on that site. See if they are coming from other authoritative sites like .edu, or .gov. It’s really more about trust than anything else. Evaluating which link is actually working is very difficult. You want to try and buy links for the traffic think of the SEO value as secondary. Link location is also important, try to get the links inside the content and not in the footer or sidebars. While most people are honest some people will knowingly try to take advantage of you make sure you are getting plain HTML link, and not a javascript, or nofollow. Measuring links is a lot harder compared to CPC. See what kind of traffic you are getting from a link, and see if your rankings increase within a reasonable amount of time. Links from older trusted high quality sites.

Next up is John Lessnau there’s no such thing as a free link. You can pay cash, get links a s a favor, a traded link, links to great content which costs time and money to develop, web tools which cost time and money to develop. For new webmasters the goal is to get lots of link with very little resources. New webmasters usually have more time than cash. Also use creativity and knowledge can be used to get links. Loking at soem stats very few page ranks 8’s and 7’s the majority of sites are in the pagerank 3 to 6 range. A better idea is to see if a page is indexed or not. New webmasters should be more concerned about pages that are in the index and are coming up in the 30+. Buy preferment or year long links for discounts. Find sites that are in the space that aren’t commercial and try approach the site owner to add links for you keywords. You may spend several thousand dollars but these will be more unique than using a service for links. Beware of links on homepages of sites with very high pagerank. Older sites can get away with run of site links but may be dangerous for new sites. Stay away from sites designed for selling page ranks. Stay away from networks of websites.

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