My Last Game of Baseball

LAST GAME OF BASEBALLContinued from (my first baseball game)

So 5 to 6 years have passed since my game winning ball story. I’m no longer a runt, I’m now an average size skinny little kid who can run pretty fast. Perhaps the most important change is I know where glasses. Yes it makes me look like more of a geek, but I can see much better now, and my hitting has improved. Since I’m still a skinny kid with absolutely no upper body strength I can’t hit the ball to far, but I do make up for it in speed. I can stretch a single into a double, and a double int o a triple. I’m also very aggressive on the bases and lead the league in stolen bases, and successful bunts. I am batting leadoff and play shortstop. The important part to know about playing short stop is I’m left handed, which is pretty rare as it takes an extra step.

So I’m having a good year in fact my best year ever. My team this year is good but not good enough to make it to the worlds series. So the season is about to draw to a close and it comes time to pick the players for the all-star team. Each team was allowed to send two player. The coaches first pick was our pitcher. His next choice was more difficult, he had to chose between me and our teams power hitter. Looking back it’s hard for me to say which of us was really better, and we both made big contributions for the team. The coach pulled me aside and said “I want you to know I didn’t pick you for the all-star team. It’s not the you didn’t deserve it, it’s just that I had to choose between you and Vinny, and I picked him because he can hit the long ball and you cant”.

I was devastated, no I was angry, no I was really pissed off. I worked my ass off that year, I hustled on the field, and at bat. I was aggressive on the bases making things happen for the team, in short I was having my best year in baseball, ever. But I didn’t get picked, why, because I was a runt and couldn’t hit home-runs. I was so angry I couldn’t think clearly, and I quit the team. Yes the coach called my parents and tried to convince me to play again, but I never showed up for the last two games. I was done with baseball … forever!

In retrospect I can’t say I hold a too much of a grudge against the coach. He had a tough decision to make and he made it. Were his reasons the best, I don’t think so, but they were his reasons, and I have to respect that. My decision to quit however was wrong. I was thinking like a spoiled little brat, thinking that I was owed something. While I wasn’t able to build upon the experience until later I did learn something. If you want something you have to work for it, and if they don’t think you deserve the prize and you do then you have to work that much harder to get it. runs on the Genesis Framework

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