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Panelists Greg Niland, Rae Hoffman, Dixon Jones
Sites in this section will have nofollow since I have no way to verify quality.

First up is
Sugarrae: You need to get your “www” and your non “www” redirects straightened out with 301 redirects
Dixon: Using the MSN linkout command reveals he has been stingy with giving links out We are having problem finding quality sites to link to
Dixon: Try creating stories or videos about bed time stories, or what happened in bed last night
Sugarrae: who owns It’s a workaround for a Yahoo store technical issue
Sugarrae: Block one from the engines, and get off virtual hosting
Dixon: Make sure you improve your descrption tag, to make it different of every page
Sugarrae: Fix the way your site renders in Firefox
Sugarrae: You need to edit the data coming from the database better to make it more unique, and less similar.
GoodROI: Try to slim down the links on the left template
Dixon: The files are flat HTML which is good
Sugarrae: Remove the javascript and CSS out of the page

Next up
Sugarrae: You also need to get your “www” and your non “www” redirects straightened out with 301 redirects
Dixon: How does accounting relate to entertainment?
Entertainment: Every body has bookkeeping careers on site
Dixon: You need to improve the internal anchor text
Entertainment: Not sure I understand
Dixon: The links on the right aren’t helping the users as they are labeled poorly, in the eyes of a search engine
Sugarrae: What are the other doamins?
Entertainment: They are other sites I aquired
Dixon: 301 redirect those
Sugarrae: You are redirecting them in the worst way and you need to 301 redirect, and you are creating duplicating issues.
Audience: Is there a limit on how many 301’s you can have?
Sugarrae: You need ask the search engine.

Next up
It’s a stand alone retail site for beds
Sugarrae: Do you buy links?
SelectComfort: No ..
Sugarrae: You need to rethink your link buying strategy and it’s very obvious.
Dixon: Is there a reason you have banned some directories
SelectComfort: Marketing reasons
Dixon: there is a phone number do people use it
Select Comfort: The number is dynamic based on site origin
Sugarrae: What are all these 404 links indexed?
Select Comfort: We suspect we are in the sandbox
Sugarrae: It looks like you had a CMS problem but you fixed it and Google hasn’t updated yet.
Dixon: I have some question after running it through a text browser, whats the purpose of the flash front page
Select Comfort: It was recommended by an ad agency.
Sugarrae: Your iframes should not be indexable. I’m having a hard time finding links that aren’t from link buys.

Next Up
Sugarrae: You have a nice looking site and it was obvious what I was supposed to do when I got there. You may want to expand on your title tag.
Dixon: You are redirecting your “www” and non “www” correctly.
Sugarrae: I’m not saying much because I’m having a hard time finding stuff obviously wrong
Dixon: You have countries listed down the left side that are image links they could be better if they were text links.
Sugarrae: you have 79,000 links some are bought but they look relevant. We are looking to ad more phrases for other areas and not just Spain
Sugarrae: you’re #1 and#2 and you’re in a sitedev clinic why? off (audience laughter)

Dixon: You may want to rethingk your TLD
Sugarrae: You need to fix the www and non www to render properly
Sugarrae: How are you ranking?
Languages: For some languages we are ok
GoodROI: Have you thought about building individual sites for each language
Languages: we have thought about it, but have problems with duplicate content
Dixon: Google says there are 11,000 pages is that right
Languages:no more like 400
Dixon: Then you seem to be having some dupe content issues that you need to resolve
Sugarrae: You have about 1500 links and you need should work on getting more.
Language: How can we cross link the other sites
Sugarrae: you need to look at cross links on a case by case basis as every site is different. Have someone look at it, or do it very small increments.
Dixon: I’m guessing you have a lot of spam emails, you should hide your email, there are lots of different ways to do it.
Dixon: If you are going to put your sites up put a marketing effort behind it don’t do it

Sugarrae: you have the same www, non www issues
GoodROI: For people who work in teams document all your changes and this gives you an audit trail
Sugarrae: so you know who to congratulate or fire
Dixon: Why are there over 7000 pages
Calorie: We have pages for each individual food pages, most are supplemental, but there is low competition
Dixon: It looks like you have grouped them together, but you should link them internally together
Sugarrae: How do you get back to the homepage?
Calorie: The ASP page is homepage on the backend
Dixon: You have lots of pages of bad food brands, you don’t need the trademark symbol
Sugarrae: As far as google is concerned they are two pages and you didn’t do it right, if you are doing it for the keyword you aren’t getting that much extra from having it in there.
Dixon: Are you using session ID’s those URL’s with extra characters aren’t helping you creating a really long URL
Sugarrae: Drop your javascript and CSS out of the code and into a separate file.

Next Up
Loyalty: It’s a BtoB site about 2 years old
Sugarrae: fix your www and non www issue and make sure it’s a 301
GOOD ROI: Make sure you tell the ITGuys do it right and not use 302
Sugarrae: You want it to render the page and 301’s
Loyalty: You can see the homepage has flash, and we have some text, should we do browser detect
Goodroi: Cloaking and IP delivery are the same thin implemented differently
Dixon: Hopefully the software solution you are using is ok but I’ve not heard of the search engines say anything it
Sugarrae: You should not link to folder/index.htm instead link just to folder/
Dixon: The workarounds aren’t working yo need to fix them
Loyalty: so the javascript isn’t helping
GoodROI: CSS is good solution but not everyone can use it runs on the Genesis Framework

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