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Jim Boykin and the crew over at WeBuildPages have been pretty busy working on a redesign and fine tuning some of their tools, and Jim asked me to take a look at a few of them.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you probably know that I’ve got a heavy duty industrial strength tin foil hat that I firmly wear on my head when it comes to people gathering user data. I’m pretty hesitant to use a lot of the public SEO tools because well I think people may be using them for research. However I feel completely comfortable using Jim’s stuff since it’s just not what he’s about, now that we got that out of the way on with the show.

If you crusie over to the internet marketing tools page you’ll see he’s got quite a few things to offer, but I’m going to talk about my favorites that I use regularly. First up is the Top Ten Analysis SEO Tool, I use this one all the time, in fact I used it just the other day when I was looking up my name (see Michael Gray) Here’s a screen shot of the results (you gotta click through to the big version to be able to see the data)

Top 10 Analysis Free Internet Marketing and SEO Tool

First off you get a decent idea of how powerful the competitions backlinks are, as far as raw number and # of edu’s you also get an idea of their depth and coverage for the keyword by looking at pages indexed and Alexa data (yeah I know it’s only one metric, not the be all end all, just use it to corroborate the other data). Lastly this tool is really good at giving you an idea of how much link time and trust (or as Aaron says link equity) you have to work against. For example for my name my domain is from 2004, everybody else is from 2001 or earlier. Yes you can outrank age with power, this just gives you an idea how much you are up against. My only complaint about this tool is if you hit it late in the night, the API has used up it’s allowance and you get incomplete data. not much he can do about it if he wants to play by the rules, so visit early in the day.

Next up the backlink and anchor text tool. This is a 2-fer the first report gives you a list of the sites linking to you and the anchor text (screen shot below click to enlarge)


At the bottom is another link to the summary report (screen shot below)

WeBuildPagescom Anchor Text Backlink Checker

Now I think the value is in looking at both of these together (do a printout) you’ll get a nice idea of who’s linking, and what biases exist in anchor text. IMHO this is a really great tool to run against your competition, it may help you discover some phrases you missed with your own discovery. There’s a lot of number crunching going on behind the scenes here so the report is a little slow and takes some time. Like get up and make your cereal and coffee time, so start the report in a tab or window, let it do it’s thing and come back in a few minutes. Secondly since the report is using backlink data from some of the engines who follow and count nofollow links there may be a bias in there.

The next tool I want to talk about is the common backlinks tool. You can put in up to 10 different domains and find sites that link to more than one of them. (screen shot below click to enlarge)

We Build Pages Common Backlinks Tool

For this sample I picked my site, and However I feel the best way to use the tool is to take the ten domains that are ranking in the SERP you are going after and plop them in. IMHO that would give you a list of people that you should spend the time writing a quality link request to. The last tool I want to mention is strongest subpages tool which will look at a site and point out where the power pages are deep within the site. It takes a minute or so to run. When the results come up CTRL+CLICK the link so it opens in a new window or else when you hit the back button it will reprocess the data a second time.

This post has been a paid review. Now in all honesty I’ve linked to some of these pages before (see Mr Ploppy and Other Tools and Googlebase Preliminary Results) and really wouldn’t have had a problem linking to them again even if this wasn’t a compensated review. From where I stand I wasn’t being paid to endorse the tools, just to take the time to write about them in greater detail. I can say without reservation that have used these tools in the past and will continue to use them in future. runs on the Genesis Framework

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