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Google today rolled out it’s beta version of search history. After you sign in Google will start storing your search history for years (news). You’ll be able to remove individual searches at will should you want to. While there is some small benefit being able to see what you looked at 6 months ago, I’m of the opinion there is a lot more downside than you may realize.

First off remember the Google Search Patent a few weeks ago? Remember the parts that talked about gathering user data and using it to improve search algorithm’s? Remember how some of you thought it was crazy and and there was no way they could do it, or were serious about even trying?Still sticking with that opinion?

I’ll give Google the benefit of the doubt that they are going to go to extraordinary measures to protect that data. However as the folks at Lexis Nexis will tell you, no system is hacker proof , period (news). Still think Google having all of that data is a good idea?

How confident are you that Google’s management won’t ever sell out or change? How sure are you they will never lose a hostile takeover battle? As confident as ABC was that they would never be taken over by Disney? So do you feel comfortable with unknown company X having access to years of your searching history, and continuing to “do no evil” ?

Lastly remind me again what was it that was broken with your current browsers bookmarking capabilities? Way more downside than upside here. For the life of me I can’t see how anyone but the Google-Borg could think this is even a remotely good idea.

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