Google Mis-Matching Domain Content on Shared IP’s

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here but I can tell you it’s significantly wierd. I can’t say exactly why it’s happening but it looks like Google is mixing the content for different domains from completely different owners if they share an IP. For example on Google search for [] you’ll see the correct domain listed but the content is “hogmania wild boar hunting in texas” from

Looking at the cache we see the content

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Now if we go and look at it looks legit, but it’s not clear why that content in the cache for, but they do share an IP.

Let’s look at another example []. For some reason it’s showing the content of the Bodega Bay Website

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Looking at the cache we see the Bodega Bay website info. However looking at pawlak funeral home and Bodega Bay it just doesn’t feel like someone is spamming on purpose. However they are both on the same IP []

If we look at [] we see the information listed for listed in the cache .

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That IP is being used for the websites again. If you’ve got answer for this please drop something in the comments. Hey Matt Cutts or any of you other Google folk is something amiss here, or is there some major spammin’ & jammin’ going on? runs on the Genesis Framework

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