Google, Bull Sh*t and Britney Spears

So the web’s most linked to Googler Matt Cutt’s is going on about spelling and it’s effect on SEO. Now my personal opinion is people who strive for perfect spelling are no better than the intellectual elitists who pass around incomprehensible PDF’s that are so lacking in creative and interesting writing, they overcompensate with high falutin’ vocabulary words, but I digress.The real question is does bad spelling have a negative effect on your ranking potential?

Well dear readers I point you to the Google SERP for none other than [Britney Spears] right there in the top 10 is the Google page of Britney Spears misspellings. OK I’ll give you Google’s authority is at work here, as are external anchor tags. But if bad misspellings had a negative impact on rankings, this page would be buried under three feet of permafrost just above the sandboxed websites. While bad spelling may create a negative perception in the mind of your readers, I’m going to wager bad spelling is more of a pet peeve of Matt’s.

In fact Aaron just wrote up a post bad spelling as an SEO technique, and blackhatseo has a post giving you some tips for getting your spelling error pages crawled.

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