Blogging Tip : Permalink

If you write a blog or read them regularly chances are you come across the term permalink. A permalink is supposed to do two things:

So most blogs have permalink or similar concept, which is a good thing. The problem however lies in the implementation. Many blogging software packages (including Google’s blogger) use the [#] character or the word [permalink] as the anchor text for the ‘cool URI’ or link to the individual post. While not the worst thing you could possible choose, both are incredible horrible choices. What you’ve done is dilute your internal anchor text. Anchor text is used by search engine algorithm’s to determine what a page is about, so if you have one link with [post title] and another with [permalink], you’ve opened up the door for search engine confusion. To make matters worse, the more you post the more confusion you create. If you made 1 post a day for a year you have 365 internal anchor links for the term [permalink] and all pointing to different pages.

You can fix the problem pretty easily without destroying the concept. Take the word [permalink] make it normal non linked text, then right next to it change the anchor text for the link to the actual title of the post. If I lost you look down below to where it says permalink for an example. Got it … good.

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