Understanding Adsense Patent Review

Eric Giguère of Make Easy Money With Google Adsense published an Adsense Patent Review and sent me a copy to review. Now I’m not a big fan of overly technical documents or patents but they are something we have to deal with in this industry, so you’ve either got to learn to read them and slog through or wait for someone else to do the dirty work for you. This one is little different than most patent reviews, mainly because it’s not free, it costs $14.95 to download.

The document starts off with a high level overview and some expalantions. It then dives right in to the analysis. First you’ll read the actual text from the patent, then you’ll get the acomanying analysis immedeatly after (screen shot below)

The different blocks of text and typestyles make the document much easier to work with and help you establish the proper context for each part and what is being said. Once you start getting into the analysis there’s quality data in there. There are links within the analyis to important search and IR papers, as well. Now I didn’t read the original patent before seeing this document, but I picked up a few nuggets of information about where AdSense miht be headed from reading it.

So who is the customer for this report and who will benefit the most from buying it? This document still contains some complex terms, concepts and ideas, so it’s not a geared for the sterotypical CEO or other C level employee. It’s also not for the AdSesne newbie, if you aren’t making the $100 minimum payout every month or are still cuttting your teeth with Adsense, again this is not for you, you’ve got a lot of other things to learn first. However if you are making a “significant amount of money” or AdSense makes up a “significant part” of your monthly income, this should be something you should look into purchasing (I leave it up to the reader to define significant as it’s a relative term and point). I’ve slogged through patent documents myself and I know it’s not a lot of fun. This patent is freely available so you could go and do it yourself. The question is how much time will you spend going through and trying to understand and decipher it, and is that amount of time worth more than $15 to you?.

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Disclaimer I did receive access to a free Understanding the AdSense Patent valued at $14.95 prior to making this post. The free document was not contingent upon a positive review or endorsement. No other compensation, occurred to influence this blog posting. For more information please see my advertising policy

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