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So launched last week and I have to say I think it’s an excellent idea.

Now there are lots and lots of people and companies who want to have people review their products or services. In the past the only option open to companies was to email bloggers or site owners and see if they were interested in doing a review. This is the equivalent of cold calling people. Some people would ignore the request, some would get caught in spam filters, others would be put off by the whole idea. So this turned out to be huge waste of time for everyone involved.

What does is set up a marketplace where people interested getting their products reviewed can connect with people interested in giving reviews. There is a fee for the service, however I think instead of looking at it as expense, you need to look at it as the cost of saving time and giving you more work. For example how much time would it take you to find ten people wanted to review your product, a few hours if you are really really lucky, but more likely it would be a few days? If you can cut that time down under an hour how much is that worth to you?

After you sign up for ReviewMe it’s actually pretty easy you browse around the categories and pick out blogs and put them in your basket, not much to it after that. As a reviewer you have a control panels that gives you some info about your account. The feature I absolutely love is it has an RSS feed. I get tons of spam so my settings are pretty high. However with RSS I’m in control, and I know I won’t miss anything good thinking on that one guys.

Part of the ReviewMe system requires that you disclose that the review has been paid for, so I am acknowledging that this was a paid review. Is that a good thing, I think so it keeps things honest. Are paid reviews bad, I don’t think so. If you pay me to do a job I’m going to make sure actually do it, not just give it a glance over the shoulder. I know some of the people involved with this so I would have reviewed it anyway. Now what if I get asked to review a product and I don’t like it? Well I certainly won’t gush like a school girl over it, but I won’t tear it to shreds. I’ll highlight any good points I can find and make some suggestions on things I’d like to see improved. Oh yeah and if I don’t get some ReviewMe Swag I’m gonna be bummed.

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