How Small Bloggers Can Affect Big Companies

Earlier this week I blogged about how the company running the “the algorithm killed jeeves” campaign dropped the ball by not having done some predictive SEO and PPC. It appears somebody got my message and things have changed.

Dave Pasternack of How to Fix Your Problem

The SEO space is a buzz with “SEO is/isn’t Rocket Science” and “SEO is/isn’t like Baking a Cake” and every other silly analogy anyone can come up with. Here’s the thing it’s stupid argument, not worth the effort and really worth polluting your the SERP’s for your name over. Since I offer reputation management as a service I figured I’ll … [Continue reading Dave Pasternack of How to Fix Your Problem]

Google MFA and No Way Out!

I know Werty showed something similar to this at pubcon, but this is as bad as I’ve ever seen it. 12 sponsored ads on a page and almost no way out but to click the ads. Yes I know there are two links in the upper right but well seems a bit like an MFA site to me (screen shot … [Continue reading Google MFA and No Way Out!]

Google’s Policy on No follow and Reviews is Hypocritical and Wrong

I’m not exactly sure what caused all this secondary fuss about no-follow and reviews lately but I think it’s time someone pointed out that Google is being extremely hypocritical about the entire thing and using fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) to corral web publishers to their way of thinking.

Webmasterradio Shameless Self Promotion

I was on Greg Niland’s GoodKarma Radioshow earlier this week talking about a whole bunch of things and dropping some hints, tips and tricks. Sorry about not letting you know before hand but it was all very last minute. Listen to or download the podcast from WebmasterRadio

Taco Bell and E. coli O157:H7

Since I live on Long Island in New York where some of the Taco Bell E.Coli 0157:h7 food poisoning incidents have occurred the story has been fairly front of mind for me. However I though it might be interesting to share the SERP with some of you from other spots who don’t get some of the geo-targeted advertising.

Shoemoney and Graywolf in

Shoemoney rocks the house, but I managed to get in a name drop and few sentences in an article on Google Arbitrage Bitten By The Google Spider – Critics say the new restrictions have missed the mark, punishing people like Kris Jones who run legitimate Web sites. Search engine marketer Michael Gray says Google’s new scoring has led to … [Continue reading Shoemoney and Graywolf in]

Adwords Quality Score Interview

If you’re interested in reading what I have to say about the adwords quality score check out An Interview With Michael Gray aka Graywolf I gave over on PPC Blog

Review Me Review

So launched last week and I have to say I think it’s an excellent idea.

Bidding on Matt Cutts as a Keyword

A few weeks ago Matt Cuts noticed someone was bidding on his name. Being the snarky wise-ass fun loving jovial type I decided to have a little fun. While it wasn’t an especially nice thing to do hopefully I can make up for that by turning this into a learning experience and showing some stats.

Adwords Pricing – Things That Make You Go Hmm…

So I’m bidding on a keyword where I’m the only person running an ad. It’s getting between 1,000 and 1,500 searches a day and getting between a 3-4% CTR. I’m a little baffled how they come up with the $0.12 a click figure since there’s no one under me.

Google Adwords, Phishing and Identity Theft Concerns

So I helped friend set up a new adwords account, and they received a letter saying blah blah we’re having a hard time linking your credit card to your address we need you to fax over a copy of the credit card and a form of id like a drivers license (that’s the summary not actual words used). We wrote … [Continue reading Google Adwords, Phishing and Identity Theft Concerns]

ShoeMoney Net Income Podcast

I can’t imagine if you read this blog and haven’t heard of Shoemoney. However if you aren’t listening to his podcast you’re missing out. I can’t listen live because I’ve got some scheduling conflicts but I’m catching up on the podcast archives. My top recommended Shoemoney Net Income Episodes are: ShoeMoney talks arbitrage, PPC, and affiliates with Pepperjam Part 2 … [Continue reading ShoeMoney Net Income Podcast]

Adwords Quality Score – Why It Won’t Roll Back

I’ll admit that when I first saw the new adwords quality score I thought they were crazy, they’ll have to roll this thing back, and was not alone in this belief. However after poking ad proding the beast a little I say it’s here to stay.

Profits Murdered By Google Adwords

There’s been quite a bit of noise in the SEM space about some of the recent changes made by the Google Adwords Quality Score. I thought it might be interesting to take a more in depth look at some of my site statistics.

Understanding Adsense Patent Review

Eric Giguère of Make Easy Money With Google Adsense published an Adsense Patent Review and sent me a copy to review. Now I’m not a big fan of overly technical documents or patents but they are something we have to deal with in this industry, so you’ve either got to learn to read them and slog through or wait for … [Continue reading Understanding Adsense Patent Review]

Google Adwords Broken or Price Gouging

So I’m creating a new campaign with 40 or so keyword phrases, I submit them and I check and 38 of them are disabled with an “inactive for search increase quality or bid” message telling me I have to up my bid to $5 or $10 dollars. First of all how do they know if my ad sucks or not? … [Continue reading Google Adwords Broken or Price Gouging]

Adsense Arbitrage: Automation and Button Pushing

As we saw in part II AdSense Arbitrage: Keyword Selection, finding the right set of circumstances where AdSense Arbitrage is going to work requires a bit of work. You’ve got to get a large enough set of related keywords, get some prices, and then compare and look for the right opportunity. If you read Rae’s blog then you might remember … [Continue reading Adsense Arbitrage: Automation and Button Pushing]

AdSense Arbitrage: Keyword Selection

In part I AdSense Arbitrage: Tips, Tricks & Secrets we went over the basics of how AdSense arbitrage works. In this part we’re going to roll up our sleeves and look at some actual keywords and see if we can find some areas where we might like to try some arbitrage.

AdSense Arbitrage: Tips, Tricks and Secrets

If you frequent any of the AdSense forums chances are you’ve come across the phrase ‘AdSense Arbitrage‘, while it’s been around for a while a lot of people don’t understand what it is, or how it works. While I’m not a big player in the arbitrage model I’ve been doing it profitably for a few months, so I can explain … [Continue reading AdSense Arbitrage: Tips, Tricks and Secrets]