Untapped Niches and the Mile High Club

On my flight to the SMX Search Marketing Conference the stewardess made this announcement over the PA system …

“Do we have any newlyweds, married couples or lovers on board … (some passengers raise hands) I’d like to remind you that the bathrooms are single occupancy rooms, so please wait till you land and get a hotel room, thanks …”

Maybe a tad unprofessional, but considering I don’t remember seeing any children on board, it was all in good fun.

However tonight I came across a story about a mile high tower being built somewhere and it triggered a thought. Why doesn’t someone run a private jet service that caters exclusively to people who want that James Bond Mile High Club experience. How hard would it be to convert a small plane to have an isolated bedroom chamber?

There would be almost no startup advertising costs, really after a few well placed press releases the concept would absolutely go viral. From a pilot and cabin steward point of view passengers who are otherwise occupied aren’t going to be ringing the bell every 5 minutes looking for bag of honey roasted nuts are they?

What’s the take-away from this post, think about the markets other people shun or stay away from, find creative ways to fill a service people want that no one else is offering. When you have niche where the number of people who are willing to compete is minimal you can command higher prices and profits.

(I so think I’m going to regret publishing this post one day)

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