On Being a Sex Goddess on the Internet

Hmm, does it look like a fellow blogger wants to rank for the term Sex Goddess? Clearly Kim’s got one thing on her mind, she confuses blogging with sex, she’s worried about sex in her 40’s, mixes up Shakespeare with Sex, talks about fake remote controls to control the opposite sex, uses sex and Microsoft Front page in the same sentence, and she’s not even afraid to bring up sex toys. So even theough she’s not mentioned in the Urban Dictionary for Sex Goddess Kim Krause should be.

From viral angle instead of discussing SEO Quizes if I were Kim Krause Sex Goddess I’d create one of those Are you a Sex Goddess Quizes that were all the rage before social bookmarking became hotter than a pair of Jimmy Choo leopard print pumps. However then to prove that my internet was still sexy, I’d totally go viral on digg with a photo retrospective entitled Sex Goddesses of the 20th century and put up pictures of legendary sex goddesses like Marilyn Monroe, Betty Paige, Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Sofia Loren, and a few others. You could totally work the controversy angle by making it voting post. Lastly to appeal to all the science fiction fans I’d post the sexy princess leia group shot because star wars sex goddesses make any male geek lose the ability for rational thought.

So even though you don’t buy your sexy lingerie online, I’d still like to do my part help Kim Krause Sex Goddess get her due.

PS. I better not get any flak when cre8pc.com starts ranking for porn related searches.

PPS. I shudder to think how many “could you please only write about SEO information” comments and emails this post is going to generate, experimentation is very, very sexy.
photo credit: Dare Darlington

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