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If you’re here looking for the Flyclear discount code it’s below just copy and paste it into your application and you’ll get an extra month for free. If you want to learn more about the FlyClear program, keep reading below …


Since I travel to about 8-10 SEO shows a year now, and have handful of on site client meetings, I’m actually spending more and more time in the air and in airports. FlyClear is program that allows you to register your biometric information (fingerprints and retina scans) and have a background check done on yourself to prove to the airlines that you aren’t a security risk. Once you are approved you get to go on a special line, which almost always has no wait, and bypass the sometimes lengthy standard security line (just like a disney fastpass but at the airport). When you get to the flyclear security station you need to present your clear card and have your biometric information rescanned and verified (in my case it’s my two index fingers but it could have been my iris).

Flyclear currently costs $128 a year, so if you spend any significant amount of time traveling through airports its probably worth it. You should also check which airports you are in the most and see if they have  Flyclear stations in them, in my case it’s JFK (NY), Los Angeles (LAX) , San Jose (SJC) … and oh yeah Orlando (MCO) the closest airport to Disney World! I really wish they would add one to in Las Vegas that security line is brutal sometimes.

When you apply for enrollment on the Flyclear Website they do ask quite a few questions. After you complete it you still need to go to a flyclear center to have your biometric info scanned. You then have to wait about 2 weeks before you get your card and can go through the flyclear lane. Let me repeat that to be clear, you cant show up at the airport and expect to cut the line unless you have already had your biometric information scanned and have a clear card in hand, yes really.

So what’s in it for me and why should you use my flyclear discount code? if you sign up with my code we both get 1 month added to our yearly enrollment. You get one month free and I get one month free … everybody wins!

So if you spend a lot of time in airports and they have a flyclear line (more are being added all the time) you can save yourself some time by enrolling in the Flyclear Program and you can get an extra month free if you use the flyclear discount code listed below:

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