Five Things You Don’t Know About Graywolf

All right so I was tagged by Dean aka Digital Ghost who was tagged by Marketing Guy who was tagged by Aaron Shear who was tagged by Avinash Kaushik who was tagged by the starter of this whole thing Jeff Pulver (I’m glad I only had to write that and not say it, whew). The object is to reveal five things about yourself everyone may not know.

1) I’ve always been something of an attention whore. When I used to work in retail they would hold these weekly ‘pep rallies’ to get the sales associates excited about whatever fun thing they were doing. Not being one who’s afraid of being a corporate jester I was often called on to do goofy stunts. So the store built a new bridal registry department and wanted to introduce it one weekend. They wanted me to dress up in tuxedo with one of the other female managers in a dress. I suggested it would be much funnier if I was was in a wedding dress … somewhere out there in the deep darks depths of cyberspace there’s a picture of me in an off white wedding gown, with a really nice pair of pumps … they were even on sale!

2) When I was young lad I discovered that you could use fire to melt plastic. Being the experimental type I began burning larger and larger pieces of plastic and got a nice scar on my left wrist that is still visible. Being the determined person I was I didn’t learn my lesson and two days later burned the entire second floor of our house, my parents were not amused …

3) I think that Down Periscope is funny movie.

4) I used to be able to solve a rubics cube in under three minutes, my best time was 32 seconds.

5) I love Walt Disney World. I don’t remember it but they tell me I went the first year it opened in 1971. I went to Epcot the first year it opened in 1982. One year I went to Disneyland in California for a week came home for a week then went to Disney World in Florida for a week. Both of my kids went to Disney World before they were 1 year old. Disney World has been closed 4 times, I was there for two of them, one of them was September 11th.

So who are we going to tag next … let’s see how about Matt Cutts, Rae Hoffman, Lisa Barone, Rebecca Kelley and Jim Boykin.

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