How To Add Thesis Teasers To A Static Homepage

So you’ve got Thesis for your WordPress site (and if you haven’t got Thesis yet go and check out Michael’s excellent Thesis review to find out why you should) and you want to use a static homepage to give your visitors a consistent experience when they visit your site.  The problem is that you really like the look of Thesis’ … [Continue reading How To Add Thesis Teasers To A Static Homepage]

Redirect Single Page for Search Engine Query

So if anyone reading this is an htaccess expert and can give a me a little help I’d appreciate it. I’m looking to trap for queries for a specific term from a search engine for a specific page and redirect them elsewhere. For example: if the query was* and it went to I’d like to redirect to … [Continue reading Redirect Single Page for Search Engine Query]

WordPress, How Many Days Old is the Post

Over on Andy, says the money is in the archives, stupid. Nick talks about Monetizing your Blog, by showing different levels of advertising based on how old post is and whether someone is logged in or not. Now Andy’s doing a blog monetization makeover, and time sensitive ads came up again. Since I’ve got the hood open on this … [Continue reading WordPress, How Many Days Old is the Post]

Blogging Tip : Permalink

If you write a blog or read them regularly chances are you come across the term permalink. A permalink is supposed to do two things: First it establishes a cool URI (see Cool URI’s don’t change). Secondly it helps combat linkrot. So most blogs have permalink or similar concept, which is a good thing. The problem however lies in the … [Continue reading Blogging Tip : Permalink]