Guest on CalacanisCast

I’m going to be a guest on Jason Calacanis Podcast this afternoon, I’ll post a link when it’s up.

Webmasterradio Shameless Self Promotion

I was on Greg Niland’s GoodKarma Radioshow earlier this week talking about a whole bunch of things and dropping some hints, tips and tricks. Sorry about not letting you know before hand but it was all very last minute. Listen to or download the podcast from WebmasterRadio

Good Karma Podcasts SEO Mistakes

I’ve got my head down working on the mashup to end all mashups. However if you’re looking for some Graywolf goodness, you can listen to a podacast I did with Greg Niland on 9/28/2006, where we talk about SEO mistakes we’ve made and how to learn from them and not repeat them. Good Karma Podcast

Guy Kawasaki Social Media Panel

Guy Kawasaki heads a panel of teens and early twenty-something talking about a whole bunch of stuff. I think this one’s a must watch

Danny Sullivan Podcast

Hey Danny what’s up with the HTML formatting in the daily searchcast descriptions? It’s not looking cool in the ITunes interface (screen shot). Not trying to be a doofus just showing you and others, cause I’m not sure it’s what you intended, and thought it might be slightly educational.

ShoeMoney Net Income Podcast

I can’t imagine if you read this blog and haven’t heard of Shoemoney. However if you aren’t listening to his podcast you’re missing out. I can’t listen live because I’ve got some scheduling conflicts but I’m catching up on the podcast archives. My top recommended Shoemoney Net Income Episodes are: ShoeMoney talks arbitrage, PPC, and affiliates with Pepperjam Part 2 … [Continue reading ShoeMoney Net Income Podcast]

Good Karma, Bad Phone

So I got a last minute invite to be on GoodKarma with Greg Nialand (GoodROI) and Todd (Stuntdubl) today and we were talking about clickstreams. Everything was going well until my phone battery died. GoodKarma Clickstream Podcast (MP3 format)

Ministry of Disinformation Visits SEO Rockstars

On January 31st Google’s top Svengali Matt Cutts visited SEO Rockstars. WebGuerilla (aka Greg Boser) questioned Matt about the “sandboxing” of the domain []. Using his super top secret internal google tools (show off) he said it was not an age penalty, there was something else that made it look “wonky”. Yes he actually said wonky, but obviously wasn’t going … [Continue reading Ministry of Disinformation Visits SEO Rockstars]

Internet Based TV Network

Earlier this week Google launched Google Video, a service which allows you to download and play videos. Some big time players are participating in the distribution like CBS and the NBA. While some of these videos are free many of them have a nominal download fee (currently $$3.95 or less). This puts them on a level playing field with ITunes … [Continue reading Internet Based TV Network]