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Since you’re reading this chances are you know I’m a big fan of social media, and while I do like to ‘get down with my bad self’ keeping up with all the latest trends, I see lots of other people beating up on social media because they can’t correlate actions directly with profit.

Making profits quickly and directly attributing them to your actions is the Nirvana of web marketing. However in a post florida Google trustbox world you need to take a more long term view. Sure you can post a bulletin to 10,000 MySpace “friends” but is the only value you can get a direct sale? Do you think there is some value in getting your URL to pass through the all the toolbars out there? I’m certainly not niave enough to believe toolbar data makes up a significant part of the algo but I bet it’s a secondary or tertiary indicator or signal of quality used to corraborate other factors (man did that sound cool or what). How about all that linkage data, social media sites are really big on linking back to other sites. The trick is figuring out what trigers that linking mechanism and what you can due to “attract it’s attention” so to speak.

Lastly what about all those people? Your audience is a moving target, constantly evolving and changing( see Is Advertising Dead?). Many pundits like to say the market is becoming more “sophisticated”, I prefer to think that they have just built up an immunity to older forms of advertising. Walt Disney used to walk in his theme parks regularly and ecouraged his staff to do the same (see Re-Imagineering: Walking in Walt’s Footsteps). So if you’re not visiting and using the MySpaces, Squidoos, 43Places, Diggs, Deliciouses, Netscapes, Reddedits, and blogs where your customers are, and interacting with them, how effective do you think you are going to be at speaking their language without alienating them? runs on the Genesis Framework

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