Advertising on Content Based Websites

After spending time on research, creating content, buying a domain and paying for hosting, it only makes sense that you are compensated all of your effort. The most effective way to do this is with some form of advertising or affiliate program.

Affiliate Programs

In an affiliate program you are compensated for generating a sale or driving a qualified lead to a merchant. The amount of compensation can vary, but is usually related to the amount of the sale or future value of generating a lead. Some will know affiliate programs are

There are other programs available including private labels, special offers, and drop ship arrangements. However you should have some familiarity with the basic programs before entering into these other types of arrangements. Generally speaking affiliate programs are one of the most profitable ways to make money from a website.

Contextual Advertising

These are programs like Adsense and the newly formed Yahoo Publishers Network. These programs will serve up relevant ads on your pages based on the content. Provided it is a popular topic and there is a large enough pool of advertisers, you can make a significant amount of money this way.

Selling Advertising Space and Links

Another way to make advertising is to sell advertising space directly. You can use an auction or sales website such as The good point here is you have a lot of control of who advertises and setting the price. The bad part is you now have to spend time administering the advertising. You can try using an advertising service like adbrite. Once you set up the file Adbrite will administer it for you, however they will take 25% of all advertising sales.

Now it is possible to run all of these different types of advertising on one website, it would probabably be overwhelming. You want to find the advertising that earns you the most amount of profit. This can vary from page to page, and you will need to do some testing. If you have affiliate links that are converting at less than 1% try using contextual advertising. If you have a lot of traffic that doesn’t click on advertising try selling advertising space or links. Your goal is not only to have the highest profit but to have a diversified income stream, to protect you from irregularities, fluctuations, and dramatic changes.

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