Condensing & Repositioning SEO Copy with Jquery Sliders

A note to eCommerce sites who put their “SEO copy” way down on the page where no human is ever going to see it: You’re not fooling anyone, least of all Google. We’ve all done it though, and that’s because there really was no other way. You don’t put ten paragraphs of content above your list of products on a … [Continue reading Condensing & Repositioning SEO Copy with Jquery Sliders]

Preparing for The Death of RSS

While I personally am a big fan of RSS, I stand by my position that RSS is not being adopted by the mainstream population (see the big fat RSS lie) and is therefore a dying technology.

The Rise of Page View Journalism

In the early days of newspapers, success and advertising was measured by total circulation. The ability to measure how many people were reading just the business section, lifestyle section, or sports section didn’t exist. As more consumers switch their news reading habits to online consumption, our ability to track which section and pages are being read has improved. However, this enhanced tracking … [Continue reading The Rise of Page View Journalism]

Content Ideas – Creating an Ongoing Series

One of the problems that website owners and bloggers encounter on a regular basis is coming up with ideas for posts. One of the tactics that I like to employ is creating a regular ongoing post series.

Developers VS Users

Anyone who’s been involved in web development for any length of time has likely encountered the Developers VS Users situation. It’s a mistake that can often lead to expensive problems down the road. So what exactly is the problem? And how can you spot it–and solve it–before it derails you project and causes you to make a costly mistake? Here’s … [Continue reading Developers VS Users]

Are You Chasing Off Topic Traffic

When your blog or website becomes successful and starts to get traffic, if you don’t make direct sales yourself or commissions via affiliate traffic, you almost always look for other revenue streams. The most common revenue stream is CPM based advertising or something like adsense. However, once many publishers start down that path, they almost always end up chasing off … [Continue reading Are You Chasing Off Topic Traffic]

Is Your Schlock Writing Dismembering Infants?

Schlock writing is bad. Schlock writing is bad because it is uninteresting. By uninteresting, I mean that writing in a schlocky manner is generic. Schlock writing is styleless and schlock is flat.

Crunchbait … or How to Be a Sucker on the Internet

It’s hard to imagine that if you’ve been involved in internet marketing for any length of time, that you aren’t familiar with the concept of linkbait. Since most of you are part of the Generation X/Generation Y crowd, and supposedly aren’t easily fooled by “the media”, it’s inconceivable that so many of you took the bait and fell the latest … [Continue reading Crunchbait … or How to Be a Sucker on the Internet]

Lane Hartwell, Reputation Management and Your Google Permanent Record

There’s a big debate in the blogosphere right now involving a parody video from Richter Scales and photographer Lane Hartwell. A photograph Lane took was used without her permission, she was not credited and not compensated. Richter Scales feels this falls under the fair usage act. I’m not going to take sides in the copyright issue, however what I do … [Continue reading Lane Hartwell, Reputation Management and Your Google Permanent Record]

How do You Edit Your Documents

I’m working with some outside writers on some projects and having some real issues finding a WYSWIG that works in an HTML programmer free blog world.

How Easy Do You Make it to Consume Your Content

I was reading Small is the New Big by Seth Godin, and I came up wit the following question, “how easy do you make it to consume your content”?

Competing for Attention or You’ll Never be Paris Hilton if You Aren’t Good Looking, Rich and Famous

Recently I was reading a book that a friend sent me (thanks Greg) and although it has absolutely nothing to do with the internet or marketing, it grabbed an open piece of mental Velcro.

Finding Your Inner Jerry McGuire

Publishing a blog on a regular basis teaches you many things, you experience the highs, and you also often become the victim of people who try to take pot shots at you and bring you down, however in the end it depends on how well you can channel your inner Jerry McGuire.

What I’d Like to See Added to MyBloglog – Categories

I’m spending more and more time on MyBlogLog and one of the features I’d really like to see is categories. Yellow Page Optimization is not really that meaningful when I’m trying to be social. For example wouold you want to look for other blogs about say public relations or blogs that start with the letter P? I know the myBlogLog … [Continue reading What I’d Like to See Added to MyBloglog – Categories]

Google Sitemaps for Large Scale Sites

If you’ve got a any first hand experience working with and submitting sitemaps for sites with over 50K pages drop me an email I’d like to talk with you.

Flickr API Help

Does anyone know of resource that shows you how to use flickr’s API that’s written in english so that actual people can understand it. Something with examples is always helpful. This from Flickr is about the most god awful thing I have ever tried to read in my enitire life.

Profiting from Social Media

Since you’re reading this chances are you know I’m a big fan of social media, and while I do like to ‘get down with my bad self’ keeping up with all the latest trends, I see lots of other people beating up on social media because they can’t correlate actions directly with profit.

Competing for Attention Against Politics

A view of the homepage of for Saturday September 30th shows anybody competing against politics is having a tough time competing for attention. (click image to enlarge). Incase your wondering the cool screen shot was taken with the Pearl Crescent Screen Saver plugin.

Turning Bad Customers into New Business

Many moons ago before the tubes of the interweb occupied my days I worked in retail. At that time this retailer was legendary, some might say world renown for their quality, selection and most importantly customer service (sadly this is not the case today). At that time the “old man” worked with each of the managers to make sure they … [Continue reading Turning Bad Customers into New Business]

Does Your Follow Through Suck

This weekend I was cruising through digg and came across an example of how you can completely “ruin the ride” by not giving me what you promised.