Splogs Are a Good Thing

Mark Cuban of Ice Rocket has launched a holy war in the blogosphere against what he considers the scourge of the online world, spam blogs or splogs for short. He’s so upset about it he’s threatening to ban all blogs from Google’s blogspot domain, since he feels that’s where the majority of splogs come from. I’m going to come right out and say it, Marc Cuban you got this ass backwards. In fact I’m going to go so far as to tell you splogs can even be a good thing.

Let’s look at this from a small business owners perspective. Widgets Inc. sells all sorts of widgets blue ones, red ones, big ones, small ones, all kinds of widgets. They are small and don’t have the manpower or expertise to run our own website, so they out source it. Thier budget is also pretty small so they don’t have the financial resources for an SEO, or affiliate program and manager. However, they would like sell their widgets online, and can allocate some money for advertising. They’ve tried using adwords in the past, but the competion on the search network was pretty fierce, and they weren’t able to do it and keep thier profit margins intact. If only there was a way for them to get visitors without paying as much.

One of the ways to advertise online with adwords and pay less, is to use the content network, instead of the search network. You ads will be featured on content websites and blogs. Since there is less competition there, advertisers pay less per click. Some of these ads are going to end up on these so called splogs. Should the owners of Widgets Inc. care …. not really. As long as Google has done thier job targeting the ads properly on the page, and it’s relevant to widgets, Widgets Inc. is going to be happy. Wait a minute, Widgets Inc aren’t the only one’s who are happy, Google is happy because they made money off of Widgets Inc, and the splog owner is happy because he made money from Google, in fact almost everybody is happy.

Who’s not happy … who’s the one group of people who got left out of the equation … BLOGGERS. First off is their anything that some sub set of bloggers isn’t upset about? I don’t really understand why they are mad … unless of course they secretly envy the splog publishers and their revenue. First of all if you’re writing a personal blog, you aren’t playing in a commercial space, so don’t think you’re entitled to earn commercial revenue (see adsesne: why bloggers don’t get it). If you are writing a commercial or business blog, then this is just another case of you being mad about SPAM (Sites Positioned Above Mine). Now you could drone on about how these sites are breaking some search engines guidlines, and engaging in bahavior X, Y and Z, but does it really matter? Search engine guidlines are just that, guidelines. Google, Yahoo or MSN is not a branch of the goverment or law enforcement, and breaking any of thier guidelines will get you kicked out of thier index, not have you doing 5 to 10 in the hooscow for a felony offense. If you know the consequences and are prepared to take the risks, then you should reap the benefits.

So I’ll say it again SPLOGS ARE A GOOD THING!

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