Google Sitemaps Review

I launched multiple new websites in July (more than 2 but less than 10) and decided to give Google new Sitemap tool a try. To keep things as even as possible I put links to each of the new websites on different established website home pages, which had a PR of 4 or 5 (pagerank is broken and stupid, not dead).

The best place to learn about Google Sitemaps is directly from the Google Sitemaps Pages. Google gives away tools that run directly on the server (danger Will Robinson, danger!) and provides links to third part sitemap tools that run primarily offsite. I like the Google Sitemap Generator from Tarrant IT, it was easy to use and follow, but the others are fine too. It does have a limit of 750 pages but that’s not a problem for me. Once your website is live you have to generate a sitemap file and put it on your server. You then sign up for a Google sitemap account tell it where to go, and sit back and wait. Google picked up the file within a few hours, however it took between 4 and 8 days for the homepage to be indexed. The sites that did not use the Google sitemap had their homepages indexed in approximately the same time frame, so there was no benefit in the time to index. However each of the sites using the Google Sitemap were deep crawled and deep indexed. Yes 100% deep crawled and 100% indexed, in some cases hundreds of files. None of the sites without sitemaps experienced deep crawling or deep indexing. So if you have a site that is not getting pages listed in Google, the sitemap tool will probably help you out. One thing to be wary of is Google is probably monitoring for large increases in page counts (legitimate and auto generated), and this may trigger automated algorithmic penalties. These pages aren’t ranking for commercial, competitive, non competitive or even obscure terms at the moment. The only thing they rank for are nonsensical testing phrases like “magocracy peptide“. No that’s not the actual test phrase I used, but I do use unrelated words like “magocracy” and “peptide” that would never appear in the same document for testing purposes.

Disclaimer I do run Google adsense and adwords programs but other than that I’m not affiliated with Google. I’m also not affiliated with Tarrant IT or their sitemap program. No compensation monetary or otherwise was made for this posting. Please see my advertising policy for more details.

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