Don’t think Google Knows Where You Are and What You are Doing?

So I signed into my account on to see if anyone was my friend and sadly I had no friends (dramatic pause, followed by pathetic whimpring). I then went to adwords to check to see how the keywords I uploaded earlier today were doing after the maintenance update today. I was well somewhat bothered by the error message I got …

Welcome to AdWords

Now before one of you wise asses says “Hey Gray didn’t you know Google owns dodgeball, I mean you wrote the story on Threadwatch didn’t you?”. Yes Mary Sunshine I did, however I’m old enough to remember when there was no session state persistancy on the web, and things existed in unconnected blocks. I’m also old enough to remember when cookies were invented, with the promise that information from one domain never crossed the other. I also remember the big bruhaha and hand wringing when it was discovered the doubleclick who served banners (and cookies) had the ability to track you across multiple websites, if they also served doubleclick banners. My baseline for internet experiences is back in those heady days of blissful anonymous surfing.

So why is this so shocking, I guess it’s the first time I’ve had it thrown up in my face that data that wasn’t coming from,, or was being shared behind the scenes, and I’m not really happy about it. If you want to be my friend on and make it easy to meet with me in Vegas go for it. However if you think it’s not such a good idea well I’m with you on that. runs on the Genesis Framework

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