How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Right now, wordpress is running on over 10 million websites, or just over 18% of the websites currently on the internet. While wordpress isn’t without its problems, there’s no denying it’s a popular, easy to set up, and easy to use CMS. However, despite what many will tell you, “out of the box” wordpress is neither SEO friendly or configured … [Continue reading How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website]

How To Protect Your Home Business From A Natural Disaster

As some of you may know I live on the south shore of Long Island, and this was one of the areas that was hit by the storm surge and flood waters from Hurricane Sandy last year. We had 38″ of water in the street and 15″ on the first floor of my house, so the entire first floor of … [Continue reading How To Protect Your Home Business From A Natural Disaster]

The Loss of Privacy in An Opt-Out World

Anyone over the age of 30 who spends any amount of time online has to be aware of the gradual erosion of online privacy and how we are slowly moving to a point where our online life has become opted-in by default.

How I Handle Backups and Disaster Recovery

After reading about Lisa Barone’s laptop being stolen, I got into a bit of a discussion about how I use cloud computing for part of my backup and disaster recovery plan. Since a few people started asking details I think this post might be useful.

After Taking 3500 Point Olympic Dive, Web Says: “Follow My Lead!”

The economy is in a rut because of Big Risk – beyond just the subprime housing market. First, it was Big Finance – AIG and company. Second it was Big Media – the NYTimes and friends. Third, it was Big Auto – GM and gang. It’s quite plausible that the next victims will be Big Advertising – WPP et al.

Does Ferrari Need SEO and PPC Help

So if you happen to do a search on the word [Ferrari] you’re greeted with this SERP.

Does Your Website Have a Squeezy Top

Does Your website have a squeezy top? Is it designed and laid out with the ruthless goal of facilitating conversions, or is it series of compromises that barely accomplishes it’s true goal.

Why Offline Stores are Doomed and Letting Consumers Consume

Full admission I’m a pretty difficult person to buy a gift for, my tastes are somewhat bizarre eclectic and seemingly random to almost everyone. So when it comes time for relatives to buy me a gift I get a lot of gift cards. For my birthday earlier this summer I got a $50 gift card to Borders Books. This was … [Continue reading Why Offline Stores are Doomed and Letting Consumers Consume]

Graywolf’s SEO Blog Sponsor –

I’d like to announce a new sponsor here on my blog the Truth Behind the Speculation

Part of the fun and danger of the blogosphere and things moving at the speed of the internet, is quite often things get misinterpreted. Many times I intentionally leave questions unanswered, hoping to generate a little buzz with speculation to fill in th gaps. In this case however I’m goingto do the opposite, I’m actually going to give you the … [Continue reading the Truth Behind the Speculation]

Profits Murdered By Google Adwords

There’s been quite a bit of noise in the SEM space about some of the recent changes made by the Google Adwords Quality Score. I thought it might be interesting to take a more in depth look at some of my site statistics.

Flickr and Travel Agents

I’ve got a friend who happens to be a travel agent. She’s looking for ways to grow her business. I suggested she start a blog and a photo journal. She travels fairly frequently and takes lots of pictures, so I suggested every time she travels she write up a little review and post some photos to flickr. She could then … [Continue reading Flickr and Travel Agents]

So Want to be an SEO via SEO Rockstars

If you’ve ever wondered about what you should think about when you’re ready to start taking on some SEO clients and diversify outside of the affiliate playgrounds then your should check out so you want to be an SEO podcast (that’s an mp3 file for some of you), oilman and webguerilla do a kick ass job of covering the what … [Continue reading So Want to be an SEO via SEO Rockstars]

E-Commerce It’s Not Just for Rich Broads

I came across a report today in

Writeboard, Backpack, and Basecamp Review

I saw the buzz yesterday about the new product Writeboard. When I started playing with it I ended up looking at the whole suite of products. Writeboard (no aff) is a virtual white board that allows people to have a collaborative whiteboard across the internet. It’s password protected so only people you “invite” can see and modify it. However it … [Continue reading Writeboard, Backpack, and Basecamp Review]

Value of Choosing a Domain Name

One of the more popular questions from SEO’s or webmasters who are at new to intermediate level of the game is, “do I need to have my desired keyword in the domain name“? In the early days of the internet having your keyword in your domain name was important. However as search engine algorithms have gotten much sophisticated at detecting … [Continue reading Value of Choosing a Domain Name]