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One of the types of blogs I like to use is what I call a product blog. This type of blog features products from small niche or vertical market. For example rather than build yet another gadget blog I’d focus on something much smaller like flat panel monitors. These blogs are all about capturing the long tail for search engine traffic.

I’m sure some of you are saying “great Gray just what we need another consumer electronics blog“. I’d have to agree with you we probably don’t need another gadget blog, but who says you’re limited to gadgets. Why not branch out into new directions and explore other subjects like shoes, cooking or golf products. While you don’t have to write about something you like, it will make it much easier in the long run. First off I’d try to find something with a few established affiliate programs. Then I’d check to make sure there is a significant enough inventory of contextual advertisers. Lastly I’d check Chitika to make sure there are some advertisers in the mini mall program. If you’ve gotten that far and everything looks good and the payouts are more than a nickel then you’re ready to get started.

If I was going to run a golf product blog I’d set up a few different categories like drivers, putters, bags, apparel, accessories and golf balls. I’d also set up a categories for each of the manufacturers or brands. Now to cover the space effectively you are going to need a game plan, you want to cover a wide range of products but still mix it.up a little bit to keep it fresh. So in one month cover all of the golf balls from Callaway on different days. Then cover all of the drivers from Cobra and all of the putters from Odyssey, and so on. If there are a lot of products it can take you two or three months to list all of one vendors products in one category. In the next month mix up the sections and products, eventually over time you’ll run through each of the combinations. If you understand the product and how to use it write a few sentences about it. If you want to include specs you can but be careful about dupe content. Once you’ve gotten started you should be able to cycle through things pretty quickly. For one blog I have I can make entries for the entire next month in about a day and a half. I wouldn’t be overly concerned about crafting the great American novel here or building up RSS subscribers. To use a famous quote “you want your copy to be like a woman’s skirt long enough to cover the essentials and short enough to keep things interesting“. Remember copy that leaves questions unanswered is much more likely to get clicks on contextual ads or affiliate links which have been strategically placed. runs on the Genesis Framework

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