No Follow The Leper of Blogging

Jim was ahead of his time killing nofollow, Nick gives nofollow a smackdown, and Greg steps up to the plate and knocks one out with his yesfollow post.

Having them in place does nothing to discourage spammers, and they only seem to punish the people who actually do participate in the conversation. If I have a user that reads my blog on a daily basis, and the user takes the time to participate in the conversation, why shouldn’t s/he be awarded with a link?

I have a few other back-end cleanup details here to take care of this weekend and I’ll be removing nofollow tags, and coming up with a comment policy. So how ’bout you where do you stand on nofollow, do you think it’s a good idea or bad idea, would you remove it, and how does it fit in with your ‘blogging strategy’.

UPDATE: For a slightly different opinion see 5 Reasons I Like the NoFollow Tag – Stuntdubl

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