Double Edged Sword of Blog Success

Since the beginning of the year my subscription rate on this blog has doubled. I’ve gone from 75 subscriptions to over 160. I will admit that I’ve been working towards the goal of increasing my readership. The two key principles I’ve been using are trying to have something worth saying, and saying it regularly and consistently, and I hope I’ve been meeting those goals. In case you actually haven’t figured it out, while I may be up between 6am and 7am most mornings I’m more likely to be practicing QiGong than blogging, so the vast majority of my posts were written 1-3 days earlier and are just set to post between 6am and 7am.

However some thing happens when you start to accumulate a regular reader base. You feel the obligation to post more quality posts, throwing up off the cuff posts with any frequency becomes a bit scary. Secondly you feel the obligation to get a new post up almost every day. Keeping up with this pace often conflicts with saying something meaningful. So you have to be creative, interesting, and entertaining on a regularly scheduled basis. If you don’t have your act together this is a sure fire recipe for blogger burnout. If you’re doing any client work, or working against any real world time sensitive deadlines, the pressure can magnify.

I’m well aware that the world won’t cease to exist if I don’t blog for a few days, or gasp forever, but if I let things slip too much, people will understandably unsubscribe. So lets see if I can keep things cruising here. I’ve had some more requests for some more case studies, which I will start to work on. If there’s something you’d like to see more (or less of) let me know. I have a few vacations and travel plans this year, I’m thinking I’d like to try letting some guest bloggers give it a go. I’ll give some advance notice when the time comes something to think about if you want to increase your exposure. runs on the Genesis Framework

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