Google Adsense Forums, Blogs and Resources

Here is a list of notable resources if you want to find out, and stay on top off Google’s Adsense program. I’ve included some obvious links and some low volume forums as well, in an effort to be through. Be careful about what you read and try if you venture too far off the beaten path.

Official Google Information

  • Google Adsense : This is the main Google site where you apply for Adsense, log in to get your adsense code, and view your reports.
  • Google Adsense Case Studies: If you’re looking to see examples of Google adsense in action these are a few sites google has profiled.

News or Blogs About Google Adsense

  • JenSense: Jenstar who publishes this blog is the moderator of the WMW and Search Engine Watch forums on Adsense. This blog covers all contextual advertising programs not just adsense, but is one of the best sources for information about the adsense program. Additionally when they make a change to the programs terms and conditions, this is the place I go for an explanation I can understand. She is also a regular speaker for contextual advertising programs at conferences and tradeshows.
  • Problogger: This Blog is run by Darren Rowse who is part of the Breaking News Blog Network. You will get some good subjects brought up here on a regular basis. I’ve only been subscribed for a few weeks but this one is definitely a worthwhile read.
  • Make Easy Money With Google Adsense Blog: This is the companion blog to the ‘Make Easy Money with Google‘ book. Not deep in coverage, but it is fairly new. See my ‘Make Easy Money With Google Adsense Review‘ for more information.

Adsense Related Forums or Newsgroups

  • WMW Google Adsense Forum: There’s lot of information here, not too much in the ways of ‘tricks’ or ’secrets’. A major advantage of this forum is Adsense Advisor (Google’s Adsense representative) reads, answers questions, and posts news here. Check out the Adsense Library for archives of the top threads.
  • Digital Point Google Adsense Forum: Much looser and less formal than webmaster world. This is an active fast growing forum, however there aren’t as many seasoned adsense professionals here as there are in other places. Members drop URL’s to their own sites looking for help, or advice. Makes it a great spot to see things in action.
  • Search Engine Watch Google Adsense Forum: Again not as formal as WMW, but not quite as loose as Digital Point. If you read for a little while and use the reputation rankings you’ll get a feel for who knows what they are talking about and who’s just yakkin’. That said you will still see some good topics here on a regular basis from more seasoned adsense professionals.
  • Google Adsense Blog: Nothing to speak of at the time of publication. requires a login, Adwords has a dedicated blog so we can only hope.
  • Google Groups Adsense Publishers: Not a very active forum, and not much in the way of tips.
  • WebProWorld Adsense Adwords Forum: Adwords and Adsense are lumped together here.
  • SEOChat Adsense Forum: This one has Adsense mixed in with other affiliate programs.
  • SEOGuy Adsense Forum:
  • AssociateForums Adsense:

If you know of any other forums, blogs or news sites, let me know and I’ll add them in.

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