Increase Your Adsense Earnings With Different Sizes and Placement

When you are an Adsense publisher, or even if you are just looking to make more money from your hobby website, one of the most important things you can do is experiment with sizes and placement. Most of the time, publishers use a single template for all of their page/posts; however, this doesn’t always give the highest payouts. If you … [Continue reading Increase Your Adsense Earnings With Different Sizes and Placement]

Google Adsense for Video Beta Program

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Google Adsense for video ads. Initially I was told this blog was approved, which seemed a little odd to me as the content really didn’t match. After some back and forth earlier this week they decided choose another of my websites instead. In a way I’m glad because the content of that website is much … [Continue reading Google Adsense for Video Beta Program]

Suggestions for Adsense

Hey Google Adsesne how about giving people the ability to call for a “fresh visit” and content reassessment so the adsense ads will target better. Sometimes we make typos or use phrase that call for the wrong ads to be delivered. Sure I can test it by throwing an irrelevant parameter on the URL but actual visitors to the site … [Continue reading Suggestions for Adsense]

Understanding Adsense Patent Review

Eric Giguère of Make Easy Money With Google Adsense published an Adsense Patent Review and sent me a copy to review. Now I’m not a big fan of overly technical documents or patents but they are something we have to deal with in this industry, so you’ve either got to learn to read them and slog through or wait for … [Continue reading Understanding Adsense Patent Review]

Adsense Arbitrage: Automation and Button Pushing

As we saw in part II AdSense Arbitrage: Keyword Selection, finding the right set of circumstances where AdSense Arbitrage is going to work requires a bit of work. You’ve got to get a large enough set of related keywords, get some prices, and then compare and look for the right opportunity. If you read Rae’s blog then you might remember … [Continue reading Adsense Arbitrage: Automation and Button Pushing]

AdSense Arbitrage: Keyword Selection

In part I AdSense Arbitrage: Tips, Tricks & Secrets we went over the basics of how AdSense arbitrage works. In this part we’re going to roll up our sleeves and look at some actual keywords and see if we can find some areas where we might like to try some arbitrage.

AdSense Arbitrage: Tips, Tricks and Secrets

If you frequent any of the AdSense forums chances are you’ve come across the phrase ‘AdSense Arbitrage‘, while it’s been around for a while a lot of people don’t understand what it is, or how it works. While I’m not a big player in the arbitrage model I’ve been doing it profitably for a few months, so I can explain … [Continue reading AdSense Arbitrage: Tips, Tricks and Secrets]

AdSense Success in one Sentence

Darren nails it with this statement: AdSense tends to work at it’s best when a blogger targets a narrower niche topic, especially when that topic has some sort of product or service associated with it.

Site Targeting and Niche Blogging

I’m not the first one to say this, and I surely won’t be the last but if you use AdSense on your blog you really need to pick a niche topic and stick with it. This point become especially important if you allow site targeting on your blog. I have advertisers who target this blog and I have absolutely no … [Continue reading Site Targeting and Niche Blogging]

Adsense: Why Bloggers Don’t Get It

In doing the research for my series of Adsense articles, two common ideas kept getting repeated: My Adsense ads are horrible, they only pay out (insert low dollar figure here) My Adsense CTR is horrible, I only get a (insert extremely low CTR here) To be fair these comments weren’t coming just from bloggers, but bloggers did make up an … [Continue reading Adsense: Why Bloggers Don’t Get It]

Google Adsense Forums, Blogs and Resources

Here is a list of notable resources if you want to find out, and stay on top off Google’s Adsense program. I’ve included some obvious links and some low volume forums as well, in an effort to be through. Be careful about what you read and try if you venture too far off the beaten path. Official Google Information Google … [Continue reading Google Adsense Forums, Blogs and Resources]

Google Adsense Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

I’ve been reading a few forums and blogs about Google Adsense tips lately, and thought it would be helpful to consolidate as many as possible in one place without the comments. I’ve also thrown in a few tips of my own. We start out with some of the basic general stuff and move to the more specific topics later on. … [Continue reading Google Adsense Tips, Tricks, and Secrets]

Google Adsense

t seems every few days I’ve been reading about someone joining the Adsense UPS club (over $10k per month), or coming out with the latest website, book, or blog on how to make more money with Google’s Adsense. So I decided to gather up some tips from across the web and mix in a few of my own. I’ll compile … [Continue reading Google Adsense]

Adsense Related Products Reviews

I’m working on a multi-part multi-day posting about adsense and adsense related products. If you or your company have one and would like it included let me know about it. I will be giving my honest opinion good or bad about anything I do review.

Adsense Light Bulb Moment

I was reading something from Seth Godin today and came across one of those things we all know, then forget, and need to be reminded of from time to time: Most blogs have a center well of the “new stuff” and then links and ads along the sides. And it’s pretty sacrosanct that you put the repetitive stuff on the … [Continue reading Adsense Light Bulb Moment]